The Must-Have Styling Cream for the Perfect Curls

Anyone who knows me knows I have a serious blowout addiction. Activities revolve around keeping a fresh blowout well, fresh, while anything that puts the blowout at risk (rain, humidity and water in general) is almost obsessively avoided at all cost. 

Of course, it’s such a silly way to live—especially in the summer months. I’ve missed out on so many days at the pool and had so many panic-stricken meltdowns of being caught outside without an umbrella that I’m sort of at my blowout-saving limit. And so I’ve decided to do something rather uncharted for me this summer: I’ve decided to let my hair go with its natural curl.

The just-released Devacurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler ($28) is making this transition pleasantly painless. The line is known of having a unique take on curls, and this particular product is actually intended for really tight coils (which I don’t have), but it’s working really well to give a nice, non-frizzy wave to my hard-to-control style. It smells like pure coconut, and contains (you guessed it) coconut oil, jojoba protein and a whole bunch of other mega-moisturizers that instantly soften and hydrate and aren’t at all sticky or heavy. It’s so moisturizing and smells so great, that I’ve actually been using just a tiny drop of it on my legs as a body moisturizer in the morning, which creates just the slightest dewy sheen. It’s a serious multitasker—and a steady sidekick on helping to break the blowout addiction.