Brow Extensions: Bunk or Beautiful?

Move over hair and eyelash extensions! There’s a new fuller-follicle contender in town, and it’s taking on sparse eyebrows. We caught up with celebrity brow expert Ramy Gafni to give us the lowdown on this trend, how it works and who exactly performs it—plus his tips for getting thicker brows if you just aren’t ready to try it.

Bunk or Beautiful?
Sure, bold, beautiful brows are in, but, like pretty much any new beauty treatment, we had to ask: Are brow extensions a legitimate trend or just a fad? “I think it’s a legitimate trend, but I’m not sure if it will develop the audience of lash extensions,” Gafni says. 

How Do They Work?
According to Gafni, hairs (typically synthetic) are either individually glued to sparse areas of the brows or sometimes a brow-shaped weave is glued onto the entire brow.

Who Should You Go To?
Gafni recommends only considering having brow extensions applied by someone who does it on a daily basis and comes highly recommended. (There’s also formal training programs for it and we’ve seen workshops popping up in big cities across the country.) But, be warned: You might be going as often as every two weeks for touch-ups.

How Else Can I Get The Look?
Gafni readily admits he is not a big advocate of these extensions because he believes even the skimpiest brows can be enhanced to look more substantial with proper brow-shaping and the correct brow filler—he offers these tips if you are looking to you're your brows faster: “Brush through your brows daily, which massages the skin beneath them to stimulate blood flow and hair growth, eat more protein (the building block for hair) and take a good multivitamin with biotin and zinc consistently. Also, the fastest way to grow in your brows is to stop removing hairs—really and truly, let them grow. People are always shocked by how fast and full their brows grow in once they stop ‘just removing the strays.’”


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