The Fiber-Rich Fruit That Makes Skin Glow

With its distinct flavor, the powerful taste of grapefruit is not for everyone. But with its high nutritional content and refreshing scent, more and more people are touting the ingredient as a skin-care secret. But what is it about the fruit that benefits the skin?

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, grapefruit extract applied topically can provide an array of anti-aging benefits like evening skin tone and fighting off free radicals. When eaten, it provides the body with important nutrients essential for healthy skin.

“Internally, grapefruit is a great example of a fruit that is loaded with skin-protective antioxidants and also has a high water content, which helps keep your skin’s barrier (the outer layer) hydrated and more resistant to wrinkle-causing free-radical damage from the sun and daily pollution,” says Los Angeles dermatologist, Howard Murad, MD. “A great benefit of grapefruit is that it promotes the production of collagen, thus making the skin more plump and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping the skin looking younger and more supple.” 

“Grapefruit has excellent astringent and exfoliating properties that are perfect for oily or acne-prone skin,” says Washington, DC, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, MD. “It also increases the pH of the skin, which may reduce acne,” adds Dr. Murad. But when it comes to those suffering from rosacea, citrus may not be the answer. “Certain citrusy fruits such as grapefruit may irritate the condition. It’s important to identify the foods that affect you by tracking what you eat and evaluate how your skin reacts during the few hours after consumption,” says Dr. Murad.

Be careful using and eating grapefruit if you take prescription medication. There are several drugs that can have life-threatening consequences when combined with even the smallest hint of grapefruit.

  • Jiya
    Posted on

    How can i use grapefruit essential oil for my acne?

  • Reha
    Posted on

    Vitamin C is very essential for our muscles and bones, sufficient amount of Vitamin C make your skin flawless.

  • marie alice
    Posted on

    As far as oils for the skin are concern, it is better to mix several different ones together. for example: avocado,sweet almond, olive, maracuja, hiprose seed oils. mainly for dry skin, use it under moisturizers,or alone. Oils firms, help protect the skin, and gives a natural glow.

  • marie alice
    Posted on

    I have been incorporating grapefruit and sour oranges in my skin treatments since I was nineteen years old. acne-free all my life. compliments on my skin never stop. Adding honey. for example manuka, Chilean or any domestic honey is a great mask. the longer you leave it on, the better. especially for dry skin. if possible, add pure coconut water to the mask. all of these ingredients are rich in vitamin c and antioxidants. As a result,your skin is always well hydrated and youthfull.

  • Allen @ antibiotic soap
    Posted on

    Fiber rich diet is good for improving the internal system. If we are fit from inside, It will definitely reflects to our skin.

  • Niamh Norton
    Posted on

    Hi, Thanks for the great article, can I ask whether there is any benefit adding grapefruit oil extract to my daily moisturiser? Thanks, Niamh

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