Poll: Do You Use Shapewear?

Shapewear is one of those unspoken beauty fixes—they make you appear slimmer and let your clothing lay on your body smoother. While nearly everyone has a pair, no one seems to openly admit it. And who would when it’s front-page news when a celebrity gets caught in the act by paparazzi? 

One scene in particular from Bridget Jones’ Diary always comes to mind when we think of shapewear. It’s the one where she debates between the sexy pair of panties and the less attractive slimming underwear. Sure, the panties look great in the moment, but she goes with the shapewear because they offer more promise to take her where she wants to go. 

So whether you’re a shapewear addict or you only bring your pair out to play for special occasions, we want to know your secret. How often do you wear shapewear? Tell us in the *comments below!

  • Bethy
    Posted on

    No, I count on my Pilates instead :)

  • Georgi
    Posted on

    I tried different brands, including Spanx, but I found it very annoying. I didn`t look like myself. I`d rather diet and exercise, instead.

  • Samantha
    Posted on

    Yes I do and Proudly too!!!! It achieves the smooth flawless look I'm trying to achieve and aids me in eating and drinking little less at parties and events to avoid being uncomfortable in my little slinky dresses. I also have some I wear every other day to help mold my figure as i want it along with the walking, yoga, and pilates routines. Yay to shapewear!!!

  • Monica
    Posted on

    Yes! Whenever I wear a clingy sweater dress! A must!

  • southergal0724
    Posted on

    You betcha! It's amazing how the correct shapewear can make you look slimmer, round out some of those pesky little "bulges" and basically help you stand a little taller and feel that you look great!

  • Mel
    Posted on

    No I wouldn't wear one, I would feel claustrophobic.

  • Jasmine
    Posted on

    I always wear a shape enhancing bra, and at my sisters wedding I wore a shape enhancer for my waist and thighs, it was great in the tight dress I wore and kept everything in place!

  • Ruthie
    Posted on

    I wear shapewear all the time. It really helps me keep everything in place. Thank goodness for these products, I really believe they make me look 5-10 pounds smaller!

  • Jessica
    Posted on

    I've tried it under a dress for a wedding but that's about it!

  • Nina
    Posted on

    I've never worn shapewear. I'm on the thinner side, so no need for it.

  • Michelle
    Posted on

    Definitely for bras!

  • Suzi
    Posted on

    Only on special occasions, like dressed up for a wedding

  • Jessie L.
    Posted on

    YES! Under everything. it can make you look 2x smaller.

  • Marissa
    Posted on

    Only under dresses for weddings and formal events

  • jb
    Posted on

    Ive never tried it, but would consider!

  • Amy
    Posted on

    Only for special events. I feel like a hot dog when wearing them so unless it's 100% warranted, I usually shy away from it.

  • Jennie
    Posted on

    No WAY. It hurts my stomach whenever I wear Spanx.

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