Kelly Ripa's Brown To Blonde Hair Makeover

Kelly Ripa's bright baby-blonde cut is full of bounce and movement, but this daytime star has gone through several hair transformations before sporting the now-signature style. To find out exactly how she achieved her perfectly blonde bombshell color and cut, we went straight to her stylist Oscar Blandi of The Oscar Blandi Salon in New York.

“To get her hair this color, I lifted her base color to a lighter shade and added highlights,” says Blandi. For versatility, Blandi cut Kelly's hair with a few soft, face-framing, blendable layers to give the hair a connection. Over layering the hair can cause strands to look thin and stringy.

Then, he says, for voluminous hair like Kelly's, it's all in the blowout. Here's how to perfect yours at home:

Step 1: Always dry the roots first, then the ends and finish off with the middle portion.

Step 2: Divide the hair into two sections and dry it by lifting the hair with the brush, one section at a time, but avoid pulling the hair up and down.

Step 3: Once your hair is dry and cool, flip your head upside down and tousle it with your hands.

Step 4: Give your hair a shot of cold air with the blow-dryer for added shine and to seal the cuticle.

Step 5: Finally, capture that sun-kissed glow in your hair with Kérastase Paris Soleil Huile Céleste ($39), a lightweight mist that contains microglitters to amplify the sun's natural light. There's also UVA and UVB filters to protect your strands from damaging rays, along with macadamia oil nourishes and prevents your hair from drying out.

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  • Todd
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    Kelly Ripa,who couldn't LOVE and ADORE her?!!!!! Just look at the photos above and tell me that she's not the ULTIMATE LIVING DOLL!!!!! I LOVE both photos,but the one on the left is just TOO CUTE!!! It really makes no difference what color her hair is or if it's straight or curly or wavy or short or long,she'll ALWAYS look INCREDIBLY GOOD!!! Kelly,in two words,YOU ROCK!!!!!!

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