This $15 Hyaluronic Acid Serum Has More Than 10,000 Positive Reviews on Amazon

Photo Credits: Cosmedica

The best skin-care lesson 2019 taught me and my overstuffed medicine cabinet? Less is most definitely more. 

After trying virtually every sample that crossed my desk for close to a year, my skin was more irritable and bumpy than ever; a not-so-common occurrence for my skin that led me to pare my routine *way* back. What I found worked the best for my combination-meets-oily complexion: a simple cocktail of a light hyaluronic acid serum, and depending on the time of day, either a vitamin C serum or glycolic peel

After going through bottles of serum, I knew I couldn't be the only one whose skin reacted the best to a waterlight HA. Like any other curious shopper, I found myself on Amazon looking for the best-reviewed bottle. After a couple of minutes of scouring every listing that promised a dewy glow, I found Cosmedica Skincare's Pure Hyaluronic Serum ($15) which not only boasts more than 10,000 almost perfect reviews, but also the most affordable price tag out there.  

Not only does the fix-everything serum seriously plump fine lines and under-eyes, but it smooths a rough complexion and clears up stubborn blemishes. While I've yet to try this do-it-all serum for myself, these stellar reviews and before-and-after photos have convinced me to add a couple to my cart when I'm in need next. 

Photo: Amazon 

"My skin was dry and loose and I am only 39. Most moisturizers break me out, but I decided to try this based on the reviews and I'm glad I did. It moisturizes well, plumps up my skin, and evens out my skin tone." -Amazon customer

Image: Amazon 

"[It] made such a difference in my skin! My forehead is no longer covered in those gross bump, my skin is smooth, wrinkles are less pronounced, and my skin looks glowy and feels hydrated." -Amazon user

Image: Amazon

"Okay so I NEVER review things, but this serum has done such great things for my skin!! Within 2 weeks using this and a dermaroller my skin transformed. It helped quench my dry skin, therefore helping my skin stop over-producing oil, and therefore helping not Only with hydration but also clearing my acne up! It’s been amazing so far!" -Amazon user