Sienna Miller Just Brought Back This Iconic '90s Haircut

Photo Credits: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff/ Getty Images

If there was one haircut that truly embodied the '90s, it was "The Rachel." Jennifer Aniston’s iconic, piecey layered lob swept through salons across the country, slowly dwindling once the 2000s crept in. However, there’s one celebrity who seems to be bringing back the style years later, and we're certainly not mad about it.

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While walking the red carpet in New York City for a UNICEF event, Vogue points out that Sienna Miller wore her bright blond hair in a center part with sweeping layers turned inward—just like Jennifer Aniston’s Friends character did. While it’s unknown whether or not Miller was purposefully aiming to resurrect that exact, iconic style, we can’t help but feel super nostalgic over the resemblance.

Mike Coppola / Staff/ Getty Images

Considering Miller’s version of "The Rachel" seems to be an updated account on the signature look, we have a hunch the style will soon start to make its rounds among Hollywood. However, only time will tell, so stay tuned for updates.