Reddit Users Found a Super Easy Hack for Avoiding Water Drips While Washing Your Face

Photo Credits: Shutterstock | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Nothing is worse than doing your beauty diligence and washing your face before bed when you'd probably rather skip it, just to end up with wet sleeves and a total mess. So when Reddit user shantih took to the site to pose the question, "Does anyone else hate when you're washing your face and water drips down your arms?" we could totally relate to the overflow of comments like these:

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However, after several users detailed their face-washing woes, one Redditor, DarkerDay, shared a super easy hack for stopping the annoying water drips, and surprisingly, many other people swear by it too: arm sweatbands.

Turns out, the popular '80s workout accessory serves an unexpected and very helpful purpose. Just slide them onto your wrists before you cleanse, and as you rinse, the sweatbands catch any pesky drips. Plus, they're cheap, so you can replace them as often as you need.

Below, see what other fans of the sweatband hack had to say about it: