This Shimmering Body Oil Makes Your Legs Look Like a Supermodel's

If you’re a beach-hanging Australian supermodel, your skin is most likely sporting a golden-hue, sparkly sheen on the regular. If you’re anyone else hiding out in the dead of winter, a drab or pale shade of Pantone is probably more your current speed.

Bali Body is hoping to bridge the gap. The line’s vegan-friendly, made-down-under, super hydrating skin care products are pretty much the easiest way ever for anyone and everyone to sport a radiant glow, even if you’re a bit lacking in the self tanning–skills department.

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The latest launch, the lightweight Shimmering Body Oil ($30), smells exotically tropical and packs in coconut, jojoba and grape seed oil with a side of signature shimmer dust—think less in-your-face glitter, more subtle filter. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly to deliver a no-mess bronze-gold sheen that will prompt a passersby to question, “Where did you just get back from?” 

Only you will know the answer is your bathroom.