Glitter Brows Are Here to End 2017 With a Bang

Photo Credits: bbrowbar

There's no debating 2017 was the year of glitter and big brows. And, just when you thought the trends might be fizzling, an over-the-top merging of the two is making waves on social media.

Enter glitter brows—a totally unpractical, yet mesmerizing, way to do your makeup. Judging by the volume of posts tagged #glitterbrows on Instagram, it's safe to say we're not the only fans.

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Like most intricate color moves, this one easier to master if you're a makeup artist with some deft design skills, but products like bbrowbar Brow Glitter Gel ($20) help make it possible to recreate at home. 

The limited-edition pick comes in silver and gold and lets you keep brows in place with a pop of sparkle.