Amber Rose Says This Drugstore Cult Classic Works Just like La Mer

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Amber Rose, like many celebrities, relies on top-of-the-line skin care products and regular treatments to maintain her enviably gorgeous complexion. But she also revealed in a recent interview with US Weekly, that those wishing to replicate her skin care routine don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care creams.

“I use Clinique mild face wash and then I’ll use the La Mer moisturizer before I go to bed and I’ll kind of just cake it on so it’s still not fully rubbed in and then I’ll wake up and my skin is glowing,” Rose said to Us. “If La Mer is a bit expensive for you, you can use the Nivea cream that comes in the container that you turn open. You can get that at CVS and honestly, it works just as well.”

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This is not the first time we’ve heard of Nivea being a dupe for the iconic Crème de la Mer. Multiple websites that have dedicated much time and space to analyzing the two products point out that many of the key hydrating ingredients are the same in both Nivea and La Mer, including mineral oil, petroleum jelly and glycerin, although the differences lies in additional botanical complexes (namely the famed La Mer algae “miracle broth”).

Rose also relies on the help of Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon, Jason Diamond, MD, for skin maintenance. “He has face (skin) tightening he does Botox, he does fillers, he does dermabrasion,” she says.

Turns out—with the right treatments and products—Rose’s skin care secrets might be more straightforward than you think to replicate.

  • Lisa
    Posted on

    How can Nivea be a substitute for Crème de la Mer when it’s missing La Mer’s key ingredient? I understand it’s a great moisturizer, and I have used it, but it’s not the same. Crème de la Mer is known for the seaweed/miracle broth which Nivea does not have.

  • Semiramis
    Posted on

    It's so annoying how we're duped as we are. I've maintained the same for years: Nivea and LaMer are cousins, if not siblings. Without the clinical training, I can only rely on research, trial, and error. So far, my trials with Nivea have continued to put a smile on my face and brought relief to my skin. It's easy to read the comments from celebrities who're enjoying complimentary use of high-end products, including La Mer. But to the non-celebrities amongst us, $300+ per jar (minimum) - is duping more our senses as well.

  • LeslieB
    Posted on

    Growing up my mom used nothing but Pond's cold cream on her face (and she still does). She'd swish it all over and remove her makeup with it. At that time, not sure about today, it was nothing but mineral oil. There's been a bad wrap on that stuff for a long while, but my mom is 87 and yes, you guessed it, not a line on her face. So this story makes complete sense.

  • Robin
    Posted on

    But I buy it when the key ingredients are glycerin mineral oil and petroleum I can buy all those cheap add my own essential oils and build from there

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