This Makeup Hack Promises to Prevent Concealer From Creasing Once and For All

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There’s nothing worse than perfectly applying your concealer (and the rest of your makeup) only to find that is has shifted, creased and done a disappearing act in mere minutes.

To keep your makeup in place, we asked three makeup artists for their best hacks—here’s what they had to say. Try them and watch just how good of a job your concealer does now!

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Don’t use eye cream before applying concealer.
According to makeup artist Trish McEvoy, when it comes to prepping your skin for makeup, use an eye serum instead of an eye cream. “Serums are lighter in weight and contain more concentrated ingredients,” she says.

Always prime the area.
Vanessa Eckels, Hourglass national artistry trainer, says to always start with primer, like Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer ($54), to help fill in fine lines around your eyes. “This will help to ensure that the concealer is applied more smoothly and lasts longer.”

Pick a lightweight formulation.
Dana Rae of Able Cosmetics says thinner concealers tend to crease less than thicker ones. We like Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift ($39) and Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen ($39).

Apply your concealer the right way.
To make the most of your makeup and get your concealer to "stick," McEvoy suggests applying it in an upside down triangle under your eye, starting right at the bottom lash line with the tip of the triangle going just above the nostril. “Press the product into your skin using a sponge or your finger to remove excess moisture.” To prevent your makeup from creasing, she says to always use a translucent or yellow-based powder over your triangle to set your brightener or concealer.

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  • Betty Lee
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    I look forward to trying a bit of the tips here, and already have been using an initial eye lotion w/ hyuralonic acid for about a year. My own dermotologist actually said YES, there are alot of positive results from studies done on this stuff. I believe it for sure, as I noticed changes right away and would never stop applying nice eye lotions w/ this in them. Although I often still wished to be able to discover step 2 to enhance my progress with the use of a concealer. I avoided undereye concealers due to how visible all of them seemed to be. There were a few I liked by companies that seemed safe enough, but still was not convinced that they are useable without a lot of fuss. I want something I can use daily easily, like in one-step except for the SPF one, and noticed that if I am unable to apply it quickly and still mindfully & easily when I am somewhat last-minute or when traveling, then it is no-good overall. When a good friend with great sense about make up recommended one to me that for myself at least, and her of course, worked for most of the time! Estee Lauder makes a light-colored one, and until you use it for a bit and it gets thicker the texture is divine though still I have not been able to even enjoy it without first using my Murad SPF lotion. I always prep my day and skin every morning irregardless of what/where I am going, by using an incredible product: the Murad SPF eye lotion that has been my best friend for over 5 years. It is light, invisible, goes on with a dot or two quickly and voila- protection AND no discoloration w/ tint. It does not sting though I don't tempt fate by keeping it only and not often even, lightly applied beneath my browbone. It blends into my skin easily. It does not or didn't before, have hyuralonic acid and that is how I discovered it, too. It is a start for anyone else like me, who would rather layer this w/ perhaps a bit of hyuralonic-intensive cream atop, and then decide when to have a tinted product around their eyes. IF anyone knows of one that they love please let us all know in comments. Thanks everyone here, best regards!

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