This Is the ONE Move That Gets Jennifer Lopez's Legs and Butt So Toned

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez has been in serious gym mode lately, hitting it up with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez and her favorite trainers.

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Friday afternoon, trainer David Kirsch shared a video on Instagram of J.Lo. doing some “platypus walks” forward and backward.

In the background, you can see Kirsch’s daughter sitting on a machine and watching. He notes this in the caption, writing “@jlo this morning #Emilia making sure her #platypuswalks were on point.” We may not be experts, but it looks like they are pretty on point. 

This exercise is great way to tone and strengthen your inner thighs, hips and butt. No surprise the 48-year-old performer totally crushes it. 

For more of Kirsch's signature moves, see below: