Julianne Hough Loves This Shampoo for Keeping Her Blond Hair Bright

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Looking for a way to keep your colored locks bright and beautiful this summer? This purple shampoo may be your strand savior. 

From Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lawrence to Justin Bieber (it's not just for gals), UNITE BLONDA Shampoo ($26) has several celebrity fans. The formula is purple, which helps cut brassiness in blond and gray hair, especially platinum tones and those with highlights.

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If Hough is one of your celeb hair idols—her cool blond hue is spot-on all the time—now you know how she keeps her color from straying into dull, yellowish territory. Currently on tour with her brother Derek for their dancing show MOVE, this shampoo was the one she requested to be part of her backstage beauty routine.


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A post shared by UNITE Haircare (@unite_hair) on