A Topical Filler May Be Here Sooner Than You Think

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Ever since hyaluronic acid gel was discovered as a way to plump up skin, the only way to really get it into the skin has been though injections. Despite the fact that topical creams, serums and moisturizers exist and count hyaluronic acid as their key ingredient, the way it functions as a synthetic gel injected into the skin versus a beauty product that contains it in the formulation is way different.

For years we’ve been hearing about the pending approval of topical Botox, and now we’re getting wind of a topical hyaluronic acid that is said to penetrate deep down to the deeper layers of skin, like fillers do, without the need for an actual injection.

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“Topical Botox and this new topical hyaluronic acid are very different,” says West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD. “This is a topical form of a hyaluronic acid (filler), which can be a way to plump and hydrate skin.”

In Israel, Hava Zingboim, a cosmeceutical company, has purportedly created the very first hyaluronic acid cream formulation that can reach deep levels of skin that injections target. “What’s unique about this is that it is another way to get hyaluronic acid into the skin and it may be a way to avoid injections of fillers. Hylauronic acid, which stimulates collagen growth, also helps keep skin healthy. This is certainly one to watch,” adds Dr. Beer.

  • Annie
    Posted on

    @Mark - I thought so too but I saw Fillerina featured on "The Doctors" talk so recently and one of the doctors said it really can't reach the very deep levels of the skin like injectables can. Hopefully this new development comes closer! Personally I take Pycnogenol as a supplement - it's a pine bark extract that is one of the only things show to increase hyaluronic acid naturally. A study showed it increased it 40% after taking it for a few months! Has other health benefits as well.

  • Joli
    Posted on

    I hope this comes out soon!!!

  • mark
    Posted on

    Doesn't Fillerina make this claim already?

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