Dry Shampoo Just Got in on the Unicorn Trend

SPACEDUST glitter dry shampoo ✨🌨 recipe may or may not have been stolen from Tinkerbell 👱🏻‍♀️

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Everywhere you look you’re bound to see some take on the unicorn beauty trend. Be it rainbow-colored hair, a glitter-laden part, rainbow makeup dusted with shimmer and iridescent lip glosses and highlighters. Anything that’s shimmery, glittery or pink, purple or some other pretty shade of pastels and conjures up the look of the mythical creature, falls within the realm of the trend.

And the unicorn trend—especially with hair—just got catapulted into the next stratosphere with something we’ve never seen before: Lemonhead Space Dust ($22), a glittery dry shampoo. Yes, you read that right.

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#spacedust glitter dry shampoo 🚀✨ available now 🍋🌝 tag a friend who needs this! 👯‍♂️🍾

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Offering up the same benefits as traditional powder dry shampoo—added volume and texture and minimized oil—this vegan and organic one also boasts glitter for extra sparkle. Not overtop in the least bit, all you need is a dime-size amount to make your hair just a little more magical (you can barely see the glitter once it’s rubbed into your hair, but you do see a sort of twinkle).

But the best part is that any product that’s left on your hands can double as makeup for your face. Just pick up a makeup brush and dip into the excess and gently sweep it across your cheeks or lids to really nail the unicorn look in a totally subdued way.

This could be your head 🚀#SPACEDUST limited availability now. Shop link in bio 💸✨🍋🌝

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