Can This Age-Reversing Neck Tape Really Give You a Younger, Slimmer Neck?

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A Facebook video has gone viral that shows a two-minute trick to instantly get a younger- and slimmer-looking neck without surgery or slathering your neck in anti-aging creams and lotions. The video, which features women applying a neck tape to the back of their necks to tighten and smooth away neckbands and wrinkles, has amassed more than 49 million views and hundreds of thousands of comments. The irony of all ironies is that this product, called Nexsey, isn’t made from a new space-aged technology that has just been developed in 2017—essentially it’s just a piece of tape.

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According to New York plastic surgeon Douglas Monasebian, MD, there’s no magic or secret to this trick. “Here’s the thing, it’s just tape. You could do this with duct tape if you want. This is what movie actresses did in the 30’s and 40’s, they just pulled the skin and taped it. They probably used duck tape or some kind of tape that the production crew had. That’s all it is.”

As far as it’s age-reversing claims, you can expect the tape to turn back the clock for as long as it holds. “This will last for as long as the tape does. Once you take the tape off, the skin will go back to where it was,” says Dr. Monasebian. “You aren’t going to get any long term results from this. It’s by no means an alternative to well approved and accepted surgical and nonsurgical modalities.”

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So what are some good alternatives to going under the knife that don’t involve taping back your own skin? Dr. Monasebian says that if lax skin around your neck is a major concern, there are many noninvasive solutions that a board-certified doctor can help you with. “Not everyone needs a necklift; today there are good skin-tightening procedures like the InMode, Forma and Forma Plus, which are all lasers or radio-frequency devices. These can take six to eight sessions before you start see the final results, unless you want to tape yourself for the rest of your life, which is fine, but not as effective in the long run.”

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    This "neck tape" just looks ridiculous. I feel like if you get to this point life, just go in for a consultation!

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