This Prescription-Strength Retinoid Just Expanded Into an OTC Skin Care Line

For those who suffer from acne, there’s no better saving grace than a tube of prescription medication. From salicylic acid and retinoids to benzoyl peroxide, these are the ingredients that can "make or break" your anti-acne routine.

We told you back in October that the popular prescription Differin was FDA-approved to be sold over the counter in a 0.1 percent gel formulation, making it the first retinoid ever to receive this approval. And now, besides just buying the cream, you can also load up on key skin care products from Differin, too—they’re brand-new—like the Balancing Cleanser ($9, and the fragrance-free Balancing Moisturizer ($9).

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Designed to be used in tandem with the Differin gel and layered on the skin—start with the cleanser, then apply a thin layer of the gel all over (don't use it like a spot treatment) and then apply the moisturizer. Although the entire line won’t be available at outposts like CVS and Walgreens until 2017, we just know that this acne-fighting trio is a must-have for perfectly clear skin.

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  • Melissa W.
    Posted on

    I'm wondering the difference between this retinol and the retinol that already is sold OTC. Is the retinol in Differin stronger or more penetrates through the skin more easily? Or is it the same as say.. SkinMedica brand retinol products?

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