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Teeth Whitening


Average Cost: $500-$1,500

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Best whitening result with bleach!

Anonymous Reader said

I got the best whitening from bleaching. It has lasted for a year now and i would definitely go back and get it done again once i need it!

Bleaching has done wonders for my smile

Harry F. said

I had my trays made for bleaching my teeth and they made such a difference. you dont realize how stained your teeth are until you start bleaching! I recommend everyone keep up with bleaching and brushing to maintain their smile. it has truly paid off.

In-office whitening is overpriced!

Shandy F. said

I've tried a lot of different at-home treatmnets for my stained teeth and just recently tried in-office whitening. The in office treatment gave me great results at first, but started fading within by the next day. the whitening didnt last long at all after that and i think it was a total waste of money. the at home stuff is easier to use and lasts longer.. and most importantly.. much cheaper!


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