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Breast Lift


Average Cost: $4,000-$10,000

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breast lift and implants

Janet K. said

I had implant and breast lift surgery through the nipples. my nipples had to be reduced in size . the entire line around each nipple is a different color but its fading with time. I  have some  scar tissue but i am keeping positive and will weight for the months to pass before worrying. Otherwise i love my new breasts!

Breast beginning to sag after lift

Anonymous Reader said

had a breast left about 5 months ago. was happy with the results bc beforet he surgery and had noticed my left breast sagging/drooping. now instead of  droopy uneven) breasts i have  perky and perfect ones! i cant believe  how wonderful they look in such a short period!

Lift left my boobs uneven

Sally B. said

As time took a toll on my body, my large breasts naturally began to sag. I had always been a top heavy girl but was proud of my breasts. I decided to get a breast lift hoping that i would regain that confidence I once had (when my breasts were large but perky!)  The lift made my breasts look amazing! I get compliments about looking thinner too! who knew a lift could make such a difference!

Breasts facing in different directions

Anonymous Reader said

i decided to get a breast lift when i noticed my once perky breasts were now facing downwards. unfortunately my doctor made my breasts uneven, where one nipple still faces slightly to the left and the other is slightly higher and pointing more forward. This probably wouldnt be as obvious to a stranger but it certainly looks odd and is not something any post-op patient would be happy with. I would have rather my breasts stay facing downward rather than look like they are pointing in different directions!

Huge scars after breast lift

Gabriella F. said

As a teenager, I was cursed with extremely large breasts resulting in terrible back pain. I was not super skinny but i was not overweight whatsoever so it coudnt have been fixed by diet or exercise. In my 20s, i finally decided to get a reduction and a lift.  My back pain has mostly disapeared, and hardly any scarring.  It has been a year since my surgery and  I am happy that my breasts no longer affect my back

Breast Lift Gave Me "Cute" Boobs!

Cost: $4,000 in Seattle, Washington area

Monica C. said

I’ve always hated my breasts and felt very self-conscious about being naked in front of anybody. I recently had a breast lift and feel better already! Other than a little swelling, my recovery was uneventful and the pain was very minimal. I finally love my breasts and for once think they are really cute! I'm so thankful I had a good surgeon. I got everything I asked for and more!

easy recovery- breast lift

Mandy M. said

Its been about a week since my breast lift and implant surgery. I feel amazing and am so happy at how much more proportionate I am. My new breasts are perky (I know they will fall some as well) and there is hardly any bruising. Thankfully I was calm before and after the surgery (which is actually out of character because I’m usually a very nervous person!) and this helped me deal with the pain and the shock of how different (but amazing) I looked. Get a doctor you trust and you wont have to be nervous at all.  


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