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dont miss the gap at all!

Patricia S. said

Waiting two years for beautiful teeth was worth it. I had a large gap on my two frnt teeth and it is gone now. I smile with confidence and dont miss the gap at all! I had metal braces on the bottom and clear braces on the top.

Adult braces

Franny T. said

After I had my braces removed in my late teens,I noticed my teeth shifting.  My lower teeth were over crowded and I got terrible headaches.  finally saw a dentist and he recommended i get braces to fix the problem. I thought he was crazy considering my age but after a long consultation and explanation of how it would change my teeth, i went through with it. after just one year of braces my smile was restored and i look so much better!

Braces as an adult

Gretta F. said

I had braces when I was in high school. its been over 20 years now and i have begun to notice my front lower teeth starting to shift and crowd. apparently a fitted retainer wouldn't do the job so I had to get braces again. I am very upset about it. they are expensive and painful but i know that if i had just used a retainer when i was younger i wouldn't have had to go through this again.  i do already see my smile moving back to how it was post braces the first time, though. 

I miss my gap

Hannah P. said

I had very distant gap teeth. I had it narrowed with braces when i was young but now I actually regret it. The braces hurt my teeth, lasted years, and I miss my gap. the braces were also extremely pricey. accepting and appreciating how we were born is the best approach!

Invisalign for overlapping teeth

Manuela H. said

I am generally happy with my smile. but some teeth overlapped slight so My dentist suggested invisalign and while expensive, i felt it necessary and went ahead with it. I am much happier now and think it was totally worth it.

Invisalign as an Adult

Annie P. said

I had braces when I was in high school. Like many adults my age, my smile has become crooked again because I lost my retainer. I finally decided to get invisalign and made sure I was better about not losing it! I am so happy I did. 

Braces as an adult

Sally G. said

As an adult who had braces when i was little and then once again as a full grown adult I can honestly say that braces this age are hard to deal with. It is painful and time consuming. a mouth of braces doesnt make my life easier.

Loved invisalign but teeth shift without it

Anonymous Reader said

Have had my Invisalign off for about 3-4 years, and if I don't wear my retainer for a night my teeth shift. I guess I'm one of those people who will have to wear it for a lifetime.

Results that will put a smile on your face.

Anonymous Reader said

I have had invisalign for about a year now. Even though they take a much longer amount of time than regular braces, I love being able to remove them if need be. they give me the confidence that one day i will have a perfect smile! 

Manage your expectations

Cost: 6000.00 in Staten Island, NY area

Teresa S. said

I highly recommend Invisalign. You have to be diligent in keeping them on, but I love the fact that you can take them off for any special events you may have to attend. 

Ended up being a hassle!

Kate S. said

when i first considered invisible braces, they Seemed like they would be easy to use... but they ended up being such a hassle. Every time I wore the pieces, I got a headache and I had to go back to the dentist an inconvenient amount of times. Would not recommend.


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