5 Surprising Ways Your Lips Are Aging You

Lips, if you think about it, say so much about us. The expressions we curve our lips into instantly give away our emotions, the colors we paint them showcase our personal style and who we kiss them with reveal who we are closest to. But our lips can also age us, and sometimes even make you look older than you are. Below, five characteristics of lips that may be showing your age, and the easy ways to stop it.


Lips That Thin

As collagen production slows down, your once-voluminous lips can become thin and flat, which makes you look older and can throw off the natural balance of your face. Restylane Silk helps you achieve more youthful-looking lips by providing precise shaping using small, smooth particles administered through a super-fine needle. The result? Naturally beautiful, plump lips that can seem more tailored to your facial proportions. 


A Too-Dark Matte Lipstick

Something as simple as the wrong lipstick can add years to your face. A heavy, dark matte lip color emphasizes thinning lips and accentuates a lack of definition that is often associated with aging features. Instead, make your lips look more youthful by wearing a lighter, glossier hue that adds fullness and gives your lips a more naturally flattering finish.


The Unavoidable Lip Lines

Lip lines are one of the inevitable parts of aging, and sometimes they pop up even sooner than we expect thanks to daily activities like talking, smiling, eating and drinking. Those vertical wrinkles that form around our mouth not only give away our age, but they even make us look older than we are. To correct this, Restylane Silk uses a unique formulation of hyaluronic acid that helps to smooth wrinkles around the mouth in patients 21 years and older. 


Unwelcome Hair Growth

Changing hormones can also contribute to another telltale sign of aging: lip hair. Many women tend to see an increase in unwanted lip hair, particularly in the upper lip area around menopause. Luckily, there are a myriad of solutions to treat this, from the simple (tweezing and waxing) to spa and in-office options (lasers and prescription creams). 


Dryness and Flaking

Nothing screams youth like nourished, smooth lips, but weather conditions, from sun damage to the bitter cold, can cause them to dry, flake and crack. To avoid these environmental beauty blunders, moisturize your lips with products that feature ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, hydrating oils and antioxidants that hydrate. Finish with a lip balm that contains SPF, and for an added bonus, one with a colored tint for an extra pop. 


Scroll for Important Safety Information

Indication: Restylane® Silk is indicated for submucosal implantation for lip augmentation and dermal implantation for correction of perioral rhytids in patients over the age of 21.

Restylane Silk contains traces of gram-positive bacterial protein and is contraindicated for patients with allergies to such material or for patients with severe allergies that have required in-hospital treatment. Restylane Silk should not be used by patients with bleeding disorders, with hypersensitivity to amide-type local anesthetics, such as lidocaine, under the age of 22, or by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Restylane Silk should not be injected anywhere except the dermis or lip submucosa.

Use of Restylane Silk at the site of skin sores, pimples, rashes, hives, cysts, or infection should be postponed until healing is complete. The most commonly observed side effects are swelling, tenderness, bruising, pain, and redness at the injection site. These are typically mild in severity and resolve in 2-7 days after treatment. Serious but rare side effects include delayed onset infections, recurrence of herpetic eruptions, and superficial necrosis and scarring at the injection site. Do not implant into blood vessels. Use with caution in patients recently treated with anticoagulant or platelet inhibitors to avoid bleeding and bruising.

Treatment volume should be limited to 1.5 mL per lip per treatment and 1.0 mL for perioral rhytid correction, as greater amounts significantly increase moderate and severe injection site reactions.  The safety or effectiveness of treatment in areas other than lips and perioral rhytids has not been established in controlled clinical studies.

Restylane Silk is only available through a licensed practitioner. Complete Instructions for Use are available at www.RestylaneSilk.com.

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