Do Pheromone Perfumes Actually Increase Sexual Attraction?

Do Pheromone Perfumes Actually Increase Sexual Attraction? featured image
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Anyone who has ever seen a perfume commercial knows that fragrance is often designed to amp up sexual attraction. But there’s one fragrance category in particular that is taking that concept to the next level: pheromone perfumes.

  • Vince Spinnato is a cosmetic chemist
  • Jacqui Rubinoff is the owner and vice president of Eye of Love

“Pheromone perfumes are fragrances marketed as containing human pheromones, chemicals that can trigger a social response in members of the same species,” says Vince Spinnato, a cosmetic chemist and certified nose known as The Couture Chemist. “The idea is that these pheromones can make the wearer more attractive to others. Our bodies release pheromones through sweat, urine, semen, breast milk and vaginal fluid. However, there is mixed scientific evidence on the effectiveness of pheromone perfumes. Pheromones are produced mainly by sweat. If you are sweating while wearing a pheromone fragrance, pheromones will be more present on your skin and in your hair, helping to permeate the fragrance into the air. Exercising can also rid your body of toxins, and when your pores are clearer, the pheromones you produce may be more potent while mixed with a fragrance.”

What do pheromone perfumes do?

Though more research is needed, it’s believed that different pheromones may have varying effects on individuals. “Androstenol, estratetraenol and androsterone are known for their potential to enhance attraction,” says Jacqui Rubinoff, owner and vice president of Eye of Love. “They emit subtle signals that can make you more intriguing and appealing to others. If you’re looking to amp up your allure, these pheromones might be the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for.”

But shopping for pheromone perfumes isn’t as straightforward as one might think. “If you’re looking to try pheromone fragrance, it’s essential to consider what effect you want the fragrance to have on others,” Spinnato says. “Are you interested in attracting more attention from the opposite sex? Or do you want to enhance your natural pheromones and make yourself more attractive? Understanding pheromone fragrances may not necessarily make you more appealing to others, but it can help you make an informed choice. Also, read reviews and research the product to ensure it is the best option. This will help you better understand pheromone fragrances and their effects on your body and mind.”

That’s a good reminder that pheromone perfumes aren’t just for romance. “While pheromones are often associated with attraction, their effects extend beyond just that,” Rubinoff says. “Pheromones can also play a role in influencing social interactions, boosting confidence and even enhancing mood.”

Best Pheromone Perfumes

Ready to spritz one on? Check out the best pheromone perfumes. 

1 / 10

Best Luxury Pheromone Perfume: The Maker Lover Eau de Parfum ($175)

Accurately named, this perfume really is for lovers. The genderless flirtatious juice looked to the bond between lovers as its muse. The warm wood taps sandalwood, fig, vetiver, jasmine sambac, narcissus and oud for that effect.

BUY NOW – $175

2 / 10

Most Viral Pheromone Perfume: Glossier You ($72)

Warm, spicy and sheer, Glossier You made quite a splash when it debuted and it’s still going strong. Designed to be a skin enhancer, it’s a perfume that’s meant to feel personal to whomever wears it, since it smells a little different on everyone. That’s achieved with a blend of pink pepper, iris and ambrox.

BUY NOW – $72

Glossier You
3 / 10

Best Mood-Boosting Pheromone Perfume: Moodeaux Worthy IntenScenual Eau de Parfum ($98)

Spritz this genderless perfume on when you need a pick-me-up or a mindfulness boost. Worthy works with your natural pheromones to make the scent all your own. The blend of citrus, floral and woodsy accords includes notes of white tea, red rose and dry musk for a cozy combo.

BUY NOW – $98

4 / 10

Best Pheromone Perfume for All Genders: Matchmaker Red Diamond ($54)

“My favorite pheromone perfume is Matchmaker Red Diamond, by Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger and Eye of Love,” Rubinoff says. “Red Diamond comes in a gorgeous diamond glass bottle, featuring refreshing citrus, jasmine and vanilla scents. I love it because it not only smells incredible, but it’s also available with three different pheromone choices inside. You can get Red Diamond with Pheromones to attract her, Pheromones to attract him or Pheromones to attract Them for people who are gender fluid or who have no gender boundaries. When I wear it, I feel my most confident, and people tend to be intrigued and more drawn to me.”

BUY NOW – $54

5 / 10

Best Roll-on Pheromone Perfume: Pure Instinct The Original Pheromone Infused Essential Oil Perfume Cologne ($40)

If you’re looking for a touch of customization, this pheromone perfume is the next best thing because the scent changes based on the pH of your skin, giving it a scent that’s individualized to the wearer. The unisex perfume is made with a blend of essential oils, specifically honey, white musk, cinnamon, mandarin and mango. The rollerball format means it’s ideal for travel and on the go.

BUY NOW – $40

6 / 10

Best Vegan Pheromone Perfume: Cupid Hypnosis ($60)

Cupid tapped their proprietary blend of pheromones, dubbed PheroPureVXN, to allegedly up your attraction levels. But the cologne smells good enough on its own without emphasizing your pheromones. It features top notes of citrus, lemon and grapefruit; a heart of rose, jasmine, violet and clove; and a base of vetiver, cedar, vanilla, ambergris and musk.

BUY NOW – $60

7 / 10

Best Everyday Pheromone Perfume: Phlur Missing Person Eau de Parfum ($99)

When Missing Person launched, it practically broke the internet. Meant to evoke the smell of a lover, it has become a cult favorite for good reason. Subtle and delicate, it features white musk, jasmine, orange blossom and blonde wood.

BUY NOW – $99

8 / 10

Best Unisex Pheromone Perfume: Hollywood Sunrise ($40)

“My latest product, Hollywood, is a collection of gender-neutral fine fragrances that launched this March,” Spinnato says. “I created it with pheromones in mind, as it is a big trend right now!” Designed to evoke a California sunrise and Hollywood glamour, Sunrise is a blend of pink guava nectar, papaya, pineapple and coconut. 

BUY NOW – $40

9 / 10

Best Pheromone Perfume for Women: RawChemistry Delight Pheromone Perfume ($30)

Think of a fruity floral perfume but with a pheromone touch. Warm and inviting, this scent is designed for women to grab the attention of men. It features notes of jasmine, honey, apple, cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood.

BUY NOW – $30

10 / 10

Best Pheromone Perfume for Men: Top Shelf Love Bombed ($90)

“I created the pheromone fragrance Love Bombed by Top Shelf, which went viral on TikTok,” Spinnato says. “I have added exotic timeout pepper, a spice plant from the Himalayas, that helps to improve neuronal function and stimulates the skin-brain connection. Moreover, it positively influences one’s mood and emotional well-being.”

BUY NOW – $90


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