Celeb Hairstylist Jen Atkin Has a 'Facelift' Trick, and All You Need Are Two Hair Ties

Photo Credits: Vivien Killilea / Stringer/ Getty Images

She's a Hollywood glam squad staple, founder of Mane Addicts and has her own line, and now Jen Atkin just shared a high-pony tip that's life-changing.

As the OUAI Haircare founder told Harper's Bazaar UK, a simple bungee can often fake a "facelift."

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“To get a high ponytail, I actually do two ponytails in one: Split your hair in half from ear to ear, do your first ponytail by flipping your hair upside down and gather it all up into a ponytail and secure, then do to another ponytail and use a hair bungee to secure it to the first ponytail. A bungee gives that facelift effect to make the face look pulled. For a slick, but nongreasy texture at the front, use the Matte Pomade to settle any frizz and sleek any baby hairs.”

Sounds pretty simple—even for the most style-impaired of us—and so does this second trick: "When you really want a sleek finish my biggest tip is to take our Medium Hairspray and spray it on a toothbrush, which gets those little flyaway bits to really lay down.”