Which Skin-Tightening Treatment Should You Try?

Skin tighteners are noninvasive and doctor-administered machines that employ energy-either radiofrequency, infrared light or both-to tighten the skin below the surface by heating the dermis. This causes existing collagen to contract and new collagen to be produced.

As skin-tightening science advances, doctors are able to determine what really works and what doesn't, which is why some once-popular treatments are being used less and less.

Here's a current guide you may want to consider before you look into a skin-tightening treatment.

THERMAGE: Considered by many to be the preferred treatment for tightening the skin.
ACCENT: This is the most widely used machine for the body.

COOLTOUCH: While it improves skin tone and may help makeup go on better, most doctors feel this doesn't offer a dramatic improvement.
SMOOTHBEAM: Doctors report that this never really tightened the skin, especially compared to more current technology.
TITAN: Even though it's not FDA-approved for skin tightening (it's used off-label), many experts feel it doesn't offer noticeable results.

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