9 Reasons to Drink Celery Juice (and 1 Reason to Be Careful)

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Newsflash: celery is the new kale. If your Instagram feed has gotten a whole lot greener as of late thanks to endless photos of celery juice, New York nutritionist Dr. Charles Passler says the bright-green juice has a long list of health benefits that make the hype totally worthwhile.

As seen below, the long list of benefits celery juice offers is a no-brainer, but Beverly Hills, CA cosmetic dentist Kourosh Maddahi, DDS says it may likely have a staining effect on the teeth. How to get all of the benefits but curb any staining? Drink it with a straw. (However, Dr. Maddahi says drinking hot tea or coffee through a straw isn’t the best idea, as it may create lines—aka smoker lines—over time around the upper lips due to constant puckering.) Here, nine reasons to start sipping celery juice tomorrow. 

It de-bloats
“Celery juice tends to reduce water weight, or water retention, because it’s a natural diuretic,” says Dr. Passler. More benefits: It normalizes the production of digestive juices and enzymes to leave us feeling less bloated and with better bowel regularity.

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It’s a great source of fiber
“This is especially true when celery is juiced or blended,” says Dr. Passler, explaining that it’s been shown to promote a feeling of fullness and curb hunger.

It’s great for high cholesterol
Aside from helping us fit into those skinny jeans that have been feeling a little more snug, Dr. Passler tells me that the green juice also contains a chemical called “phthalide,” which has been shown to help lower total cholesterol and elevated blood pressure.

It’s a natural anti-inflammatory
Celery contains a wide variety of powerful antioxidant phytonutrients such as luteolin and quercetin, according to Dr. Passler. As they do in skin care, when ingested, antioxidants fight free radicals that can promote inflammation in the body.

Your liver will thank you
Dr. Passler says the enzymes involved in liver detoxification can create lots of free radicals. “If the body isn’t given enough antioxidants to quench the free radicals in your diet, then the process of detoxification can become impaired.” The good news: Celery contains a variety of potent antioxidants to help the detox process along.

It’s a mega hydrator
Thanks to the high electrolyte count found in celery, Dr. Passler says drinking its juice helps cells absorb water more effectively to keep us hydrated for longer.

It’s easy to do
Just blend and go! But when deciding between juicing and blending celery, Dr. Passler says it’s important to understand why you’re drinking celery juice in the first place. If it’s for weight loss, he recommends blending instead of juicing to maintain more fiber in the drink.

You’ll see relatively quick results
“If you’re looking for improved digestive function, you will see benefits in as little as 10 days,” says Dr. Passler. For weight loss, he says it’ll take as little as 30 days. But to see changes in cholesterol or blood pressure it might take as long as six months. Dr. Passler’s tip: drink eight ounces of the juice (then build up to 16 ounces over the course of a week or two) first thing in the morning. “According to some observational studies and my clinical experience with patients, celery juice is better utilized by the body (and its digestive benefits are heightened) when consumed first thing in the morning.” To cut the pungent taste, try adding some granny smith apples to add sweetness. 

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