The Future of Fighting Grays

While still in their infancy, there are some things in the works that could change the way we deal with gray hair in coming years.

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The Gray Gene
It’s believed that the gene responsible for determining when your hair turns gray has been discovered. “If we know which gene causes gray hair, we may be able to manipulate and suppress it so the hair doesn’t turn gray as early,” says Spring House, PA, dermatologist Margo Weishar, MD.

The Anti-Gray Antioxidant
Purportedly, L’Oréal has an oral supplement in the works that may reduce oxidative stress on hair cells. “Environmental factors may cause oxidative stress on the scalp and hair. When oxidative stress builds up on the follicle, it can shut down the production of melanin,” says Dr. Weishar. “This new product may limit that stress, and off set the graying process somewhat.”

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