The 'Bun Drop' Is a Thing and It's Blowing Up on Instagram

The latest Instagram craze, as reported by Popsugar, is the "Bun Drop," which sounds like it could be the next rap video dance move, but it's actually just long hair that's wrapped into a loose bun and then "dropped," causing it to fall and twirl and look beautiful. Women across the globe with long silky hair are posting videos of themselves doing it (some are even in slo-mo) and viewers can't seem to get enough.

Not sure who thinks of these things, but I will admit that they're strangely addicting to watch. And, they're putting super long hair back into the spotlight. But I can't help but think of the maintenance that comes along with hair that's long enough to sit on. Yikes. (I digress.) Scroll through to see these so-called bun drops in action.

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