Is This Hair Brand the Next Rodan + Fields?

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Every time I log into Facebook I see yet another woman posting photos of silky, shiny, gorgeous hair that looks like it belongs on the pages of a Pantene ad. At first I chalked it up to some sort of filter or a wonder pill or something. But after one of my oldest friends started sharing pictures of her new and improved hair on her page, I had to do some investigating and see what was causing so many women to become obsessed.

@katgeertsen @mamag0123 @laroosa you ladies do not mess around with your hair product,do you?! 😍 Kat was an absolute sweetheart and sent Mark and I some samples to try out and I am so impressed! As a person with very fine, 'nappy', matted and frizzy hair I can't believe the difference that one wash used. I instantly noticed a difference while blow drying that the frizz was gone and it wasn't poofy! 😱 it stayed perfect. Then I went about my usual curling routine. The right photo has NO hairspray, no help to tame the frizz, just @monatofficial I will post photos of Mark's hair after his shower too. Mark said he noticed my hair is way softer and less knotty! I can't wait to get some giant bottles of this magical product 😍 #monat #amazinghair #greathairday #empoweringwomen

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After a little digging, I discovered that they were all using Monat, a naturally based hair care line that’s totally free of any, and every, potentially harmful ingredient. Totally intrigued that a shampoo and conditioner along with a few styling products could make THAT much of a difference in the way their hair looked, I called up my friend and asked for the soft sell. In a nutshell, she explained to me that Monat is for your hair what Rodan + Fields is for your skin.

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Loaded with botanical oils, red clover extract and the brand's proprietary ingredient, Rejuvenique, which contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, these products don’t just make your hair look good, they actually improve the health and strength of it just by using the products alone—no extra pills are required (Monat does sell a supplement, but you’ll get great results even if you don’t opt for it).

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I, of course, had to give it a try. The before-and-after images were reason enough to test out the Renew Shampoo ($35), Replenish Mask ($50) and Restore Leave-In Conditioner ($33), but I was also battling some mid-summer frizz caused by both humid weather and a recent session of face-framing highlights. None of my regular shower staples were doing the trick this time around. No matter what I used, I couldn’t get the front of my hair to behave and stay smooth—that was until I used the Monat products.

I can see how someone can get instantly hooked. After just one use I felt like my hair was totally manageable again, like it was resurrected from the dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love how my colorist Alen M. makes my hair so multidimensional with the perfect shade of honey highlights, but all that bleach can do a serious number on my strands.

Monat works kind of like Rodan + Fields does: You can’t buy it in a store; it’s pretty much all gorilla marketing and word-of-mouth referrals and there are local reps that will sell you the products and refill your orders, which is what's causing it to gain major traction on social media.

Bottom Line: Good hair doesn’t come cheap. If you’re going to shell out hundreds at the salon, you might as well be using something at home that makes your hair look and feel good, too. This line definitely doesn’t disappoint and we’re pretty sure that you’re going to see it everywhere really soon. 

  • M
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    Both Rodan + Fields and Monat are Multi level marketing schemes that target women who are already financially insecure. It’s totally irresponsible to plug these brands!

  • Aimee
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    Monat made my hair grow at first and then fall out. My hair at the front and sides of my scalp had NO long pieces by month 5. Meaning, every last long hair I previously had was gone. Only the new growth remained. So my hair was shrinking instead of growing. It sounds like the only people who like it are also selling it. So...not really an unbiased opinion. I really had high hopes for Monat. But I can't in good faith recommend it.

  • Anonymous
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    What a silly comparison - monat and r&f..... one claims to be natural and the other is full of chemicals. Surely you could've picked an mlm brand that was more in tune with the values of monat, if you wanted to highlight how it operates?? You would know, natural products work, right....don't go plugging toxic products!

  • Shampoo lady
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    Love what it has done to my hair and my pocket book. AND so many people i get to help each and everyday.

  • Ginnie
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    As an Hair salon owner Monat has changed how we run our retail department, it’s been the best business decision we’ve made . The products do what they say and no worries to have retail sitting on our shelves. It’s a e-commerce world , clients want convenience and a product that works.

  • Missy
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    I have been using Monat since September. My hair is not only thicker but has grown about 2" and my curls have returned. I am in love with this product. 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied. I guarantee you are going to love your hair.

  • Cheree Baker
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    I've been using Monat in my salon for over 2 years. My clients love it as much as I do !

  • Tricialin
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    Just ordered it and can't wait to try it. Trying to grow my hair back long after losing 16 in last May to a new stylist's bleach accident. :-( Hope it works as promised. BTW - New Beauty - It's called guerrilla tactics not gorilla (as in the animal).

  • Anne
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    Monat makes my hair look amazing! Thick, soft and shiny. So, so happy I found Monat!

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    Have you tried Phyto? They are an entirely botanical line. They even use red clover. I have been using Phyto since 2002 when an education specialist visited the salon where I worked. They did a full day of Phyto education and gave out samples. I get compliments on my hair all of he time. And I am in no way connected with the company.

  • Donica Canova
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    Monat will seriously change the integrity of your hair, and if you are smart your bank account as well.

  • Karrie
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    You are so right!! I've been with RF for 18 months and just found MONAT in June!! I'm lovin both of these lines!!! So thankful for both!! My skin has never been better and my hair ... Well I lost it to chemo and it was growing super slow and I was so sad!! It took me 24 weeks to grow 1/2" of hair and now in the 7 weeks I've been using MONAT my hair has grown 1"!!!! God is good!!

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