This Vlogger's Taylor Swift Transformation Will Blow Your Mind


While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I did a double take when I came across a photo of this gorgeous Taylor Swift lookalike. I'm betting you did too--which is how you ended up reading this story.

"Girl dresses herself up as Taylor Swift!" the caption read. As someone who never passes up a good celebrity beauty tutorial, I clicked to watch the video and within seconds my mind was completely blown.

For one, the talented makeup artist behind the tutorial is not even Caucasian--a fact that you would have absolutely no idea judging by the finished look. Instead, its popular Korean blogger Hye-Min Park, better known to her 1.7 Instagram followers and 1 million YouTube subscribers as "Pony." Using 24 makeup products, Park contoured, highlighted, lined and powdered her way to looking exactly like the mega pop star. Now that's what we call the transformative power of makeup.

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See the full step-by-step the video above. Even if you're not quite at that artistry level yet, it's full of product recommendations that we're ready to check out.