Must-Try Messy Fishtail Side Braid

Photo Credits: PR Photos

There are so many options for a glamorous New Year's party hairstyle. Up or down, if your hair is in good health, it’s hard to go wrong. If you have long hair and you’re looking for a style that’s playful yet still sophisticated, you might like this messy fishtail side braid as seen on Amanda Seyfried. We love this look, which is why we found out exactly how to recreate it from John Frieda international creative consultant, Harry Josh.

1. Begin by gathering all of the hair to one side of the head, then divide it into two equal parts.

2. Take a small piece of hair (around ½ inch wide) from the first section and add it into the second section.

3. Continue by taking the same size piece as before from the second section and adding it to the first section.

4. Repeat this step three to four times before pulling the two sides tight to reveal a fishtail pattern.

5. Continue swapping pieces between sections until you no longer have enough hair to continue weaving back and forth.

6. Secure the ends with a small elastic.

7. Once tight, begin loosening the braid softly with your fingers to give it more of a sexy, undone texture. This ensures the braid won’t look too overstyled.

8. Finish by spritzing with hair spray to hold.

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