Swedish Secrets For Your Strands

Salon Sachajuan is a household name-in Sweden. Being one of Sweden's hottest hair dressing spots, the creation of their own, exclusive brand of hair care was inevitable. The products have become a worldwide sensation and we are loving the Sachajuan Dry Hair Shampoo.

This super-moisturizing shampoo, for chemical-treated and dry hair alike, features Sachajuan's ocean silk technology. This is the name they've given the method used to extract valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae and the active ingredients included in the unique formulation. With this technology, Sachajuan is able to hone in on different hair types and create different recipes for different results. In Sachajuan's Dry Hair Shampoo, ocean silk technology provides moisture and balance to repair and de-frizz your hair. The results are healthy, shiny hair. Who can argue with that?