Heat Treatment Helps You Say “No” To Hair

Hair: when you see it places where you don’t want it, it really feels like a four-letter word. Fortunately, the people at Radiancy, developers of a light-and-heat-based skin-care technology, thought of a way to simplify hair removal. However, they’re not using lasers for their new no!no! Hair consumer product but just heat alone. The manufacturer promises that this method of hair removal slows the rate of hair regrowth better than shaving or even waxing. This new version (the 8800 series) of the classic no!no! features a more narrow design with adjustable treatment levels of intensity to better treat hard-to-reach and sensitive areas. To enhance the treatment for longer-lasting results, no!no! also created the no!no! Smooth After Treatment Cream, made with peptides, green tea extract and Capislow, which is made with a desert plant extract that affects the hair growth process to reduce density and hair regrowth. Anything that could possibly eliminate the need for waxing is worth a try in our book.