A Blowdryer From Amazon Just Shot Fire Out of the Nozzle

Photo Credits: Shutterstock | Image Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Some blowdryers can get really hot to the touch if they're overworked or about to time out, but one thing they don't do—at least not until now—is shoot out fire like a blowtorch. So you can imagine the shock one woman experienced when an OraCorp blowdryer she purchased on Amazon did just that. 

A video taken by Erika Augthun Shoolbred and posted to Facebook shows the horrifying incident that occurred in her bathroom, which she said now has an "enormous smell" thanks to the heavy smoke that resulted. Shoolbred was left with a small burn on her hand, so needless to say, she was incredibly lucky! What if the blowdryer had been pointed at her hair? 

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As written in her Facebook caption below, another shocking part of this dangerous ordeal is that, according to Shoolbred, OraCorp has not responded to her complaint or video. Amazon, however, has pulled the product from its site, as Newsweek reports, and Shoolbred was given a full refund. 

It looks as though the blowdryer, and other tools from the brand, are still for sale on other sites, including eBay, so buyer beware!