A Python Massage Is a Popular Offering at This Hair Salon

Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden, Germany, thinks it may have found an off-the-radar secret to a really good neck massage.

It’s not some fancy handwork, it’s a “trained” python. As in a snake.

According to the salon and first reported on by UPI.com, Monty Python is placed on customers’ necks for the massage. Frank Doehlen, the salon’s proprietor, says he was “inspired by a massage technique he witnessed on a trip to South Africa.”

He also says that the four-foot-long snake has a body that is 90-percent muscle, which is why he is the perfect masseuse.

Not only does Doehlen say they're safe, but he claims the massages are also in “such high demand” that he offers them two days a week. Check out how it works below:

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