9 Filtered Showerheads That Are Actually Worth Buying

9 Filtered Showerheads That Are Actually Worth Buying featured image
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For those constantly wanting to improve their showering experience (showering, after all, can be a transformative and peaceful ritual if you want it to be), there’s one bathroom accessory that everyone can’t seem to stop talking about: filtered showerheads.

Different from the standard showerheads we’re accustomed to, a filtered showerhead, according to New York dermatologist Marisa Garshick, MD, is a showerhead that uses filtration technology to help remove certain minerals and contaminants and improve the health of your skin and hair. But what exactly is it and—more importantly—do you need one?

To answer that, we turned to the experts. Below, Dr. Garshick and New York dermatologist Hadley King, MD, break down everything you need to know about filtered showerheads. Read on to learn more. 

Featured Experts

  • Marisa Garshick, MD is a dermatologist in New York
  • Hadley King, MD is a dermatologist in New York

How Hard Water Harms Skin and Hair

Filtered showerheads are often advertised to fight against one thing: hard water. Hard water, says Dr. Garshick, refers to water with high mineral content. Dr. King explains that this happens when water goes through deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum and ends up being filled with minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Washing with hard water can potentially dry or irritate sensitive skin and exacerbate dryness from skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. It can also make hair dry, rough, dull and difficult to style. 

“This effect is due to the fact that when water contains high amounts of calcium, it doesn’t properly dissolve soaps, detergents and other cleansing products, meaning that the soap residue is left on your skin and hair, as well as on your clothes and dishes,” Dr. King says. “Soft water makes it easier to form a sudsy lather and rinse the soap away.” 

The Benefits of a Filtered Showerhead

How can we combat hard water? That’s where a filtered showerhead comes in. “Since a filtered showerhead may reduce exposure of the skin and hair to certain minerals and contaminants, it can leave the hair and skin looking and feeling softer and smoother,” says Dr. Garshick. She adds that a filtered showerhead can especially be helpful for those with dry or sensitive skin or anyone dealing with skin concerns such as eczema and dermatitis. For hair, it can remove minerals like chlorine and help reduce frizziness and dry ends. 

There are no particular downsides to using a filtered showerhead, but Dr. Garshick says that not everyone will need one. Because it can be expensive, with many costing around a hundred dollars, difficult to install and require frequent changes (some need to be changed every few weeks while some can last for a couple of months), it can be more high maintenance than a regular showerhead. So, definitely think about whether you really need one before committing. 

How to Find a Filtered Showerhead

If you do decide that you’re ready for a filtered showerhead, there are a few things to look out for. Dr. Garshick says that certain ones have different filtration methods for specific temperatures. For example, she says that if you like cooler showers, a carbon filter will be more effective for removing contaminants. If you like your showers hot, looking for a kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) filtration system is best because the high temperatures won’t affect how the shower filters out hard water. There are also certain filters that are designed to target a specific contaminant (e.g. one to just take out chlorine in water), so she recommends considering the specific things you want out of your filtered showerhead before investing in one.

If you’ve now been convinced to get a filtered showerhead but have no idea where to start, we’ve got you covered. Below are nine filtered showerheads that Dr. Garshick and Dr. King (and we threw in some of our own picks) recommend. Read on and get ready for the cleanest wash of your life.

The Best Filtered Showerheads Worth Trying

1 / 9

Jolie The Filtered Showerhead ($165)

A pick from both Dr. Garshick and Dr. King, the Jolie filtered showerhead is the gold standard. “[It] removes chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants and has been shown to help improve overall hair and skin health. I love that it is easy to use and is available in different colors,” says Dr. Garshick. Dr. King adds that it is tested by third-party labs for guaranteed efficacy and as a bonus, you can test it for 60 days and get your money back in the off chance you are dissatisfied. 

BUY NOW – $165

Jolie filtered showerhead
2 / 9

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower System ($88)

Another pick from Dr. Garshick, this filter can reduce over 90 percent of chlorine in water. It also uses an adjustable showerhead that allows you to have a customizable experience.

BUY NOW – $88

Aquasana filtered showerhead
3 / 9

Canopy Filtered Showerhead ($150)

Dr. King loves this showerhead because it uses three forms of filtration—activated carbon from coconut shells, calcium sulfite and a copper and zinc system—to effectively remove chlorine and other contaminants from water. You also get three pressure settings to cover all your shower needs.

BUY NOW – $150

Award Photo: Filtered Showerhead
Award Photo: Filtered Showerhead
4 / 9

T3 Source Hand-Held Mineral Water Filter ($150)

Sleek and minimalistic, this T3 showerhead can elevate your shower space in many ways. It uses zinc, calcium sulfide,and copper to reduce chlorine, dirt and odor from your water. We especially love this showerhead for its hand-held features, which make it super easy to wash those hard-to-reach places.

BUY NOW – $150

T3 Filtered Showerhead
5 / 9

Act+Acre Showerhead Filter ($115)

While this showerhead ticks off all the boxes on what most people are looking for in a filtered showerhead (removes contaminants effectively, improves hair and skin health, etc.), what sets it apart from the rest —at least according to reviewers—is its soft shower pressure. You’ll get that rainfall shower effect that’s just so soothing and calming for a real zen experience.

BUY NOW – $115

Act + Acre Filtered Showerhead
6 / 9

Cobbe Filtered Showerhead ($30)

Anything that boasts a multi-filtering process has us hooked. This showerhead from Cobbe features 15 levels of filtration and uses filtering beads to get rid of those harmful contaminants and level out water’s pH levels. And for less than $30, it’s a total steal.

BUY NOW – $30

Cobbe filtered showerhead
7 / 9

Hello Klean Purifying Showerhead ($87)

The Hello Klean Purifying Showerhead involves a two-step filtering process to get the cleanest water for your shower. It binds heavy metals to create less harsh elements for your skin and hair before reducing the amount of contaminants that could harm you. You also end up reducing your water usage by up to 25 percent.

BUY NOW – $87

Hello Klean filtered showerhead
8 / 9

Brondell VivaSpring Filtered Showerhead ($65)

If you’re looking for something simple to use (and according to all the reviews, super easy to install), this Brondell filtered showerhead is for you. It’s a fixed showerhead that reduces the amount of copper, chlorine, mercury, lead, chlorine and other contaminants while also giving you great water pressure. A win-win on all accounts.

BUY NOW – $65

Brondell filtered showerhead
9 / 9

Culligan S-H200-C Hand-Held Showerhead ($63)

With a magnetic docking system, this showerhead makes it super easy for you to switch back and forth if you’re looking for a hand-held option. Its filter also lasts about six months, saving you the hassle of changing it every few weeks. Bless.

BUY NOW – $63

Culligan filtered showerhead

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