Improve Scalp Health & Hair Quality Without Surgery: Dermatologists’ New Dynamic Duo BENEV Exosomes + ViviscalPRO

Improve Scalp Health & Hair Quality Without Surgery: Dermatologists’ New Dynamic Duo BENEV Exosomes + ViviscalPRO featured image
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Those who have experienced thinning hair typically have a similar backstory: They started noticing in the shower. While shampooing, there was more hair than what seemed “normal” starting to circle the drain. Clumps fell out and entangled their fingers and suddenly they went from noticing no hair loss, to only noticing thinning patches along their hairline.

For those who have experienced this, you’re not alone. And while men were previously thought to primarily endure this, women often face the same issue. In fact, hair loss affects more than 50% of women

Luckily, gone are the days where hair loss isn’t treatable. There are quite a few solutions currently on the market, but our current favorite is none other than Sylfirm X + ViviscalPRO supplements. If you haven’t heard of this combination treatment before, don’t fret. We tapped two top experts for everything there is to know about this innovative treatment.

First, what is Sylfirm X and how can it improve hair quality?

Typically used as a skin treatment to target texture wrinkles, skin discoloration, hyper pigmentation and more, Sylfirm X is a dual wave RF microneedling device that can also be used on the scalp to stimulate cell revitalization. In other words, it uses tiny needles to create microdamage along the skin and pairs it with the heating effects of radio frequency. This triggers a healing response in the skin, which helps deliver nutrients to the follicles and boost collagen production. 

When used in accordance with BENEV Exosomes, which is a solution that’s applied topically to the scalp post-treatment, patients see both hair quality and scalp health improve. “I have seen BENEV ERC+ used topically, post-Sylfirm X treatment, to flood scalp cells with growth factors, vitamins, peptides and used Exosomes (cell messengers) to aid in stimulating a healthy scalp foundation, which is the optimal environment for new hair cells to flourish,” explains Manhattan Beach, CA dermatologist Glynis Ablon, MD, FAAD.

Who is this treatment best for?

According to Dr. Ablon, Sylfirm X and BENEV Exosomes are safe to use on all skin types. “This combination treatment is great to be used on anyone with thinning hair, hair loss or even a receding hairline,” she says. “I always explain this because hair loss etiology is multifactorial, but using combination therapy works best.”

Unfortunately, this treatment isn’t ideal for everyone. “This treatment is not likely to work on someone who is completely bald and has no hair to resuscitate,” warns Oakland, NJ plastic surgeon H. William Song, MD.

What kind of results can you expect?

Full results aren’t typically seen for about three months, but most patients notice a significant improvement in hair growth and hair health after the first few treatments of Sylfirm X. That said, Dr. Ablon stresses that for optimal results, you typically must tackle the problem from multiple angles. 

“There are so many factors that contribute to hair loss—hormones, genetics, stress, environment—that we sometimes can’t control,” she explains, adding that nutrition is a major contributing factor to hair loss since lacking vitamins and minerals in your diet can negatively impact your hair health. To counteract that, Dr. Ablon recommends combining ViviscalPRO supplements with your Sylfirm treatment. “The supplement is a great at-home solution that you take twice a day to provide your body with the nutrients that have been clinically proven to increase overall hair growth and health in as little as three months,” she explains. “We actually did a number of published studies on the supplement with statistically significant results!”

Is there any downtime post-treatment?

Unlike when undergoing surgery or other more invasive treatments, Dr. Ablon says this treatment is associated with very little downtime, other than some mild redness or occasional pinpoint crusting and bruising. “And with the exosomes, faster recovery happens as well,” she confirms.

One thing to note: Immediately following the treatment, you may see more hair fall out. Don’t be alarmed though, as this is completely normal. “The dying follicles need to be expelled before the new healthier hair grows in to take their place,” says Dr. Song. “Be patient, it may take six months or more to see a noticeable improvement in the hair.”

The bottom line

Thin hair doesn’t have to be an issue that lasts forever. Thanks to Sylfirm X, those who are looking to give their hair a major improvement can do so—especially when their treatment is paired with BENEV Exosomes and ViviscalPRO supplements. And not only is this procedure an effective option for boosting hair growth, it’s relatively painless and quick, too (the procedure is only about 20 to 30 minutes!). 

So, if you’ve had the scary “hair clumps gathering at the shower drain” moment already, consult with your physician about trying Sylfirm X along with BENEV Exosomes and ViviscalPRO. With a dedicated treatment plan, you should see a major difference in your hair over time.

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