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A new season is the perfect time for a manicure, and we have all the acrylic manicure inspiration you need to plan your next set. Explore nail design ideas from the botanically blissful with natural nail art, to the cutting edge with the chic nail aesthetics ruling the runway and our for you pages. Go outside the box on acrylic nail ideas to consider new textures and cool nail art that goes 3D or flips your expectations.

Explore everything from texture to shape in this gallery of long and short acrylic nail ideas, chock-full of modern designs and elegant looks that elevate your mani to the ultimate accessory.

Mob Wife Trend Enlists Nails

Celebrity manicurist and educator, Julie Kandalec, says the Mob Wife trend has come calling for your nails. She’s seeing a surge of interest in red and french tipped nails that have a distinct Sopranos energy.

The lady in red and elegant on a mission looks are perfect choices to accompany a host of brown on browns and that femme fatale energy.

Today’s Nail Art Trends

According to Sally Hansen global partner Sigourney Nuñez, this year is going to be dominated by the shimmery, the dreamy and the girly.

“Things like the color pink, pastels and lace, have previously been associated with being too girly,” Nuñez explains. “But now there’s a shift in power and reclamation. It’s 2024’s version of girl power. On nails, this can look like a pink on pink manicure, or painted details of bows and pearls. Some of my favorite new pink shades this season are Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Party of Hue ($13) and Pink an Outfit ($13). To take the colors up a notch, you can layer a coat of Affair to Remember ($13) to give it a dewy, pearlescent and glowy finish.” 

In the same vein, we’re seeing a bold resurgence of the heart nail.

“Beyond Valentine’s Day, people love to wear their hearts on nails,” Nuñez says. “Whether it’s being done using the latest magnet technique and velvet gel polish, or decals, or something hand painted, hearts are here to stay. I think it’s because hearts are such a powerful symbol of affection, positivity and self-love.”

This is a very easy trend to achieve on your own, even on an existing manicure.

“One of the easiest ways to execute a nail trend on nails is to use nail decals like Sally Hansen’s Nail Accents,” Nuñez explains. “With a tweezer, gently roll the paper with your fingers to lift the edges of the decal. Gently lift a corner with the tool and lightly press it on the nail. Make sure all the edges are flat to avoid any lifting later on. Once you are happy with the look, seal it with a coat of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat ($7). To give your manicure a little extra mileage and to secure the decals, add a second coat of top coat for good measure.”

Lastly, Nuñez predicts the word ‘glazed’ will continue to have a choke hold on the beauty community.

“The glazed nail trend has really cemented itself in the nail community and NailTok,” Nuñez says. “Luckily now there’s plenty of ways to get the look easily at home. If you love painting your nails, one easy way to execute the trend is to add a layer of Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel Unicorn Top Coat ($9) on top of your favorite nail color or nail art design. The results are dreamy and extra shiny.”

It’s easy to apply these coats to an acrylic nail manicure, but Nuñez also recommends trying out the new press-on nails by Sally Hansen for a shorter-term style.

“If you are more of a press-on person, Sally Hansen also just came out with a set of glazed-inspired sets ($10) available in different finishes and shapes,” Nuñez says. “I’d recommend pairing the press-ons with adhesive tabs if you’re looking to just dabble with the trend for a special occasion or weekend.”

How to Choose a Shape

From a natural round to a daring stiletto, there are several different shapes your acrylic nail ideas can take.

According to Blue Sky Cosmetics, there are some shapes that better compliment certain hand shapes. Almond nails, for instance create “a natural look that makes your fingers look longer,” while a simple oval is best for small hands. If you find yourself blessed with long, slim fingers already, the square shape is a great low maintenance option. That said, when it comes to acrylic nail ideas, most of them have one thing in common: length.

Styles like the stiletto, coffin and ballerina focus more on the drama than the practicality. These looks are the bread and butter of acrylics, and also provide the most space for playful designs.

If you work with your hands a lot, you may find yourself needing to opt for a shorter style, but remember that your manicurist can help you achieve the right look and length for your lifestyle.

How to Choose an Acrylic Nail Design

When it comes to acrylic nail ideas, the world is at your fingertips. Every style and color imaginable can be transferred onto your nails, and landing on just one option isn’t exactly easy. Since acrylics can last several weeks, you’ll need to consider a few things before you land on a design.

If you have an important moment on the horizon, you might need to consider looking for acrylic nails for weddings and special occasions. You’ll likely find more neutrals, simple and sleek designs that can go with any outfit and won’t be too loud in a photo-op. This might be a fun place to play with texture, opting for a modern 3-D look, rather than loud colors.

Alternatively, if your personality screams neon and art, acrylic nails are the place to play with those elements. Bold and bright acrylic nail ideas stand the test of time, and always seem to be present despite the trending looks.

And of course, there’s the best of both worlds.

Acrylic nail ideas don’t have to be boring, and a ton of our picks listed below are all about subtle uses of fun and flirty designs to create something for every mood. Feeling playful? Want that clean girl aesthetic? Looking for luxury? We’ve got you covered with the acrylic nail ideas below.

Why Should I Choose Acrylic Nails?

Acrylics are known for being durable. ”Acrylic nails last virtually forever if you get them filled,” says Selena Gomez’s nail guru Tom Bachik.

If you want long and strong nails that can stand up to the stresses of daily life for nearly two months, acrylics may be a good choice for you.

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

How long your manicure lasts has a lot to do with how well you care for it, and most manicurists will recommend coming in to get a fill to accommodate your new nail growth every few weeks. If you work with your hands or find yourself typing with the nail tip instead of the pads of your fingers, you might end up with chipping or breaking sooner than you’d like.

That said, with care and some professional maintenance, most experts say your manicure can last up to six weeks.

The Best of Acrylic Nail Ideas

Luxurious Velvet

Light diffusing and elegant, velvet nails are the perfect way to look expensive. Use a single shade like a bubbly champagne or deep blue and let the soft shimmer speak for itself.

The Reverse French

Highlighting the smile of the nail bed instead of the tips, the Reverse French looks best in a thin line of gold or white to create a lengthening profile with a classy twist.

Extravagant Accent

Take the expensive look 3-D with carefully placed rhinestones or crystals. From a more subtle sparkle to a full disco-ball, you can play with as much shine as you want. For our part, we love pairing a few rhinestones with a ballerina pink polish.

Glitter Glamour

If you’re not one for a full set of glittering nails, consider using glitter as an accent color. When glitter polish in precious metal tones like gold or bronze are used to draw precise lines or create a french tip, you’re left with an eye-catching design that isn’t overpowering and that you can dress up or down for different occasions.

Glazed Daze

Glazed skin had its moment, so it’s only natural for a nail look to follow. Glazed nails are all about achieving a frosted, dreamy finish.

Matte and Textured

If you’re a sucker for sweaters and love to look cozy, consider choosing a simple 3-D texture design and opt for a matte finish. Resulting acrylic nail ideas can look just like a knitted sweater or go playfully abstract.


Details in the caption 👇🏻🍂🤎 How to create fall textured nails ☁️ 1st Paint your gel, and cure. 2nd Paint matte top coat, and cure. 3rd Use a fine brush to paint your design but don’t cure it. 4th Pour the dip powder over the entire design. 5th Cure your nails. 6th Brush off the dust, and your are done. Links in my bio. 🫶🏼 *pr #nailtrends #texturednails #neutralnails #monochromatic #fallnails #swirlnails

♬ original sound – katiesnails

Flower Field

Perfect for Spring, nature-inspired nails are always on trend. Floral accent nails or an entire field of flowers create a delicate and elegant look that can add a pop of much needed color to your life.


So ready for pastels n florals!! 💐🩵🧺 inspired by my fav @Jasmin | Nail Inspo 🧸✨🌨 ofc <3 (p.s. this is regular nail polish and is safe to come in contact w skin in small amounts!! if u are trying this method, avoid using gel since it can cause an allergy/skin irritation etc) Using @Lights Lacquer • Mrs. Potts • Porter • St. Clair • Old Money code ‘glossytipped’ to save 🩵* ring @Bohomoon , code ‘glossy15’* *affiliate _____ #nailhacks #nailideas #springnails #2024nails #nailinspo #floralnails #bluenails #diy

♬ Crushcrushcrush – Coco & Clair Clair

Delicate Daisy

Keeping those simple flower designs white and yellow is a great way to keep the class at the forefront of your acrylic nail ideas. A daisy accent is a sweet addition that won’t clash with any future wardrobe choices.

Pastel French Tips

If you’re not afraid of some color, consider going pastel for your french tips rather than the standard white. Stick with one color or fully embrace spring with a range of Easter Bunny–approved shades.

Candy Cutie

There are a ton of candy-inspired designs to choose from when crafting your acrylic nail ideas. From all-over sugar plum fairy vibes to a subtler blue and pink cotton candy, there are endless ways to craft a colorful and delicious-looking design.

Lace for Days

Get delicate and get feminine with lace nails. These designs add an element of girly elegance that embraces the hyper feminine.

Cherry Nails

These nails want to go on a picnic date in the park and so do we. Sweet as cherry pie, the simple cherry design is an easy way to incorporate a touch of color to a look and brings a flirty mood to any look.

Sakura Spring

If we’re talking cherries, then we have to talk the cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms, sakura in Japan, have a gorgeously delicate, ballet pink color that captivates. Some of our favorite designs evoke the late spring, when the blossoms start to fall through the sky.


Cherry Blossom Spring Nails 🌸 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗱𝘂𝗰𝘁𝘀 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗴𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗽𝗼𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻.𝗰𝗼𝗺 💕 Products Used: Medium Almond Gel Tips Gel Glue Pink Lemonade White Petal Pink #springnails #gelextensions #flowernails #cherryblossomnails #pinknails #diynails #gelipotion #nailart #nailtutorial #flowernailart #nailinspo

♬ Écoute Chérie – Vendredi sur Mer

Botanical Beauty

Not every nature nail is about flowers, and your acrylic nail ideas can be as green and verdant as you can imagine. From crawling vines to aesthetic leaf prints, botanical designs have an organic look that can pair easily with a laid-back look or a dressed-up event.


Planty 🌿 plantnails fypp fypシ nailtiktok nailinspiration nailinspo

♬ Griddy x Nutcracker –

Green Is a Neutral

I’m a strong believer that almost any shade of green can be a neutral, and acrylic nail designs based in green have a huge amount of versatility.

Earth Goddess Glory

Add brown to the mix, and you’ve got the best of earthy, nature-inspired nails without relying on the designs themselves. Earthy nails can get delightfully abstract or stick to simple shade combinations.

Sky Blue

Take a walk on the bright side with a sky blue acrylic nail design that brings the sunny day to you.


It’s a Boy Blue

Call it blueberry milk if you want, but pastel blue is always in style. Another color that works as a neutral if you believe hard enough, baby blue is a classic and luxurious look that compliments any outfit.

Forecast Calls for Clouds

Cloudy white nails are the perfect accessory—they look expensive despite being super simple. Cloudy white or milky white nails carry an aura of elegance

Gradient Gal

There’s such a statement to be made with a single color family in a gradient, each nail a slightly different complimentary shade that goes from darkest to lightest. This simple look is excellent in any color, but we’d recommend considering a strong neutral to pair with the most outfits.

Family Shade

Along the same lines, consider a paint-swatch approach with a few shades in the same color and one or two in bolder, more eye-catching colors. Just like you’d build a room with accent colors, adding a bright yellow amidst shades of green adds a new dimension to a look.

Spring Sunset

All about the ombre between two different shades, sunset shades range from softer pastels to loud oranges and purples. If you’re planning on Spring Breaking this year, this beachy acrylic nail idea might be perfect for you.

Serpent Sass

One of our favorite trendy looks over the past few years is the emergence of snake-inspired nails. The twisting designs of the serpent creates a graphic look that looks striking in black and white.

Holographic Halo

If you want light-catching without the look of glitter, holographic might be exactly what you need. Holographic nail polishes reflect multiple colors, creating an oil-slick look.


Às quartas usamos rosa…? 💕💖💗💘 E nada melhor que #nailart com uma esmaltação de cor #rosa e um pó efeito #holográfico nas #unhas 💅🧚‍♀️ Com efeito futurista e acabamento cromado, são visualmente como um espelho.✨ cc: @Vanilya #unhasperfeitas #nailarts #nailspink #pinknails #naildesigns #nails #nailtutorial #unhascromadas #unhasrosas #unhasperfeitas #unhaslindas #pink #unhasdecoradas #viralnails

♬ Romantique – Brigitte Bardot

Colorful Chrome

Shinier than holographic, chrome is doesn’t reflect that rainbow the way holographic does, meaning you have more control over the look. A sinful silver, for example, creates a mirror finish that looks sharp and elegant.


that mirror chrome effect though 👀💗🪞 here are some tips to help u get that gorgeous mirror-y chrome look: 1️⃣ Cure the top coat for 60-90 seconds until it is fully cured (this might not be the case for all chrome powders but i’ve found that the powder i use applies better over a fully cured top coat) 2️⃣ After rubbing the powder on the whole nail, use a different clean eyeshadow sponge to get rid of any excess glitters that are on the nail (this will make the nail look more mirror-like) 3️⃣ Use a good quality chrome powder – that doesn’t mean that expensive = better, some chrome powders just work better than others and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the price tag – the one i’m using here is a really inexpensive one from Beetles gel polish (i’ll put a link in my bio 💗) — using: • @BeetlesGelPolishOfficial pink chrome powder* 💕 black gel polish gel top coat* use code NAILSBYPAULAR to get 50% off! 💸 *gifted #chromenails #chrometips #pinkchromenails #mirrornails #prettynails #nails #diynails #nailsathome #nailtok #fyp #CapCut

♬ Love Me Back – Deluxa & and$r

Lip Gloss Nails

Sheer and shiny, lip gloss nails are all about those lovely nude pink shades we love in a lip gloss combined with a high-shine finish.

Ink in Water

A classic acrylic nail design that plays with the abstract is water marbling, where paint colors are carefully manipulated to create an ink-in-water or marbled look. Using several shades alongside a metal-tone like gold can enhance this effect.

Swirl, Baby, Swirl

A simple abstract design that’s taken over the press-on nail world is the flowing swirl. Abstract and easy going, these wiggly lines have updated ’70s vibes and look flawless in a neutral like black or brown.


Simple swirly blue nails 🫐🦋🐋 ❥ liner brush and base in shade ‘wanderlust’ from @wanderGEL official – code NAILOLOGIST10 for 10% off ❥ light blue is the shade ‘guardian angel’ from @Madam Glam ❥ dark blue is the shade c369 from @BeetlesGelPolishOfficial #nails #nailinspo #nailart #naildesign #nailtutorial #bluenails

♬ Hey It’s Me – Official Sound Studio

See-Through Designs

If you’re feeling Y2K, clear acrylic nail ideas that play on the see-through nature of the nail is a great way to take a leap back into the early 2000s. For a louder look, consider taking some inspiration from Lisa Frank and embrace some hot pink.

Pierced for Your Pleasure

Alongside textured and 3-D appliques, pierced nails (usually just one or two in a set) are an eye-catching and creative way to experiment with acrylic nail ideas.

All-Natural Almond

Shape-wise, the almond is a natural-looking nail extension that compliments the hand and helps fingers look longer.


let’s not talk about how long it took to do a perfect rectangle with my left hand 🙃 really loving this colour combo from @Aprés Nail Official 🥥🤎 (gifted) ___________ #nails #nailart #naildesigns #nailtok #nailtutorial #nailsnailsnails #nailsdesign #fyp #fypシ #easynails #diynails #nailsathome

♬ greedy – Tate McRae

Rectangular Realness

Sharp-edged nails are great for a clean-looking manicure that can pack in a lot of design, since they have more space to work with.

Coffin Cutie

Cute with a bit of edge, coffin nails similarly expand the design space while still elongating the nail in an elegant way, thus lengthening the hand.


Replying to @peachpodt there’s something about a nude nail that just does it for me 💗 #nails #acrylicnails #manicure #nailsart #nailsartvideos #nailinspo

♬ Dance You Outta My Head – Cat Janice

Short and Square

Perfect for the low-maintenance mani-lover, short and square nails are seen as the most simple and easy to maintain, while giving a neat and clean look.


𝚂𝙷𝙰𝙿𝙴: Short sharp square .. emphasis on the sharp. 𝙲𝙾𝙻𝙾𝚁: 2 Coats ‘She’s White She’s Pink ?’ @dndgel 1 Coat ‘How Do You Neutral’ @dndgel 🫧 𝗥𝗘𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗘𝗥 🚨 Well kept nails are also a form of good hygiene. Always keep your nails fresh, cuticles clean and your hands/skin nourished.

♬ sonido original – katerine luligo

Espresso Inspired

Deep dark shades of coffee take neutral to the next level and inspire the barista in you.

Oat Milk Latte

A more mellowed-out cafe experience, latte nails are all about the milky harmony between a soft brown neutral and the light and bright.

Tortoise Shell

Mob Wife approved! This classic look has been around for a reason, and the dappled look in black and brown makes it a perfect accessory for any outfit.

Marble Veins

Think water marbling but more reserved, marble nails typically use a white or black base and choose an accent color to create those beautiful marble veins. Classic looks like white with gray carry an effortlessly expensive quality, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors like pastels or neutrals.


⬆️📌SAVE THIS POST FOR YOUR HPW TO: EASY MARBLE NAIL ART WITH GLITZ BLOSSOM GEL & GEL POLISH🌊 Watch full tutorial on our live videos across platforms Please Check out our other videos for inspirations and full products tutorials 📺. I added a list of products I used on view shop, please check them out to see what I used to create this look. Shop your favorite products @glitzaccessoriesandsuch official website, link in bio, www.GlitzAccessoriesAndSuch.com #glitzaccessoriesandsuch #glitzacrylic #Nails #nailtutorial #beginnernailtech #diynails #summernails

♬ original sound – #glitzaccessoriesandsuch

Fine China

The combination of pristine white and deep ink blue, this look embodies the Blue Willow style of porcelain china. With its roots in China and popularized in 18th century England, this look instantly adds class to any look.

Gua Sha Jade

If you love your jade Gua Sha, you understand why this delicate, slightly translucent shade of green can be so pretty as an acrylic nail idea. The best of jade green nails use the vein designs that natural jade stone has to create depth.

Matcha Latte

If you love green but want a more solid, matte finish, then matcha latte nails are a great choice. The rich grass green of matcha is tempered by that milky latte influence, leaving you with a unique pastel green.

Honey, I’m Home

For gold with a twist, consider a honey-inspired nail. Rich color you can see through, honey nails are dripping with elegance.


dripping honey nails but the honey is literally ✨liquid gold✨! <3 — using: • @BeetlesGelPolishOfficial gold mirror chrome powder brown gel polish gel top coat matte top coat #goldnails #chromenails #chromedesign #nailart #nailarttutorial #nailinspo #naildesigns #shortnailsideas #diynails #coolnails #nailtok #fyp

♬ Theme from “A Summer Place” – Percy Faith And His Orchestra

Bee Yourself

Get a little playful with your theme with playful honey bee acrylic nail ideas. We particularly love how honeycomb detailing looks.

Anytime Valentine

Just like the trends predicted, heart nails are here to stay. Valentines may have come and gone, but a cute red heart on a classic nail will never go out of style.

Gold Current

If you’re into marbling but think that accent color should have more to say, consider using a strong gold current as a design. Abstract and artful gold designs create an endlessly expensive effect that upgrades any look.

We’re Blushing

Blush tones have been a big deal for the past few years, and acrylic nail ideas are no exception. With so many colors to choose from, you could even create a blushing gradient.


An alle, die Blush so sehr lieben wie wir: @basecoatstories zeigt euch, wie ihr eure Nägel zum Erröten bringt. ☺️💕 Wer von euch gönnt seinen 💅🏻 ab sofort auch eine Portion Rouge? #flaconi #timetocare #blushnails #auroranails #nailtutorial #nailtok

♬ Violet – Muspace Lofi

Maroon Marvel

Strong solid colors will never fail you when it comes to acrylic nail designs. And for a classy color that goes with anything, maroon is what you need.

Pretty in Pantone Peach

The Pantone color of the year isn’t just for your walls. Peachy nails are a great way to create a sweet and cherry mood.

Siren Red

If you’re looking for something sexy, deep red is here for you. This shade should make you think of Taylor Swift’s lip color or a classic red velvet.


no one can tell me red nails dont give off such seductive siren vibes 😮‍💨🐚 #fyp #foryoupage #mermaidnails #nailinspo #gelx

♬ But I Lied by Vaishalini – Vaishalini

Glossy Red

Make your red even more eye-catching with a glossy finish, for a jet-setting woman-of-the-world vibe.


Fire Engine Red

Or get louder with a brighter red.


new red alert!!! We needed a true ~classic~ red . New collection coming spring my friends 😈 #nailthoughts #nailtech #nailthoughtsgel

♬ Mi Habitación by Paula – benedicto

Abstract Artsy

Nail artists are definitely artists, and if you’re thinking of something weird, boundary-breaking or innovative, chances are your manicurist will be up for it. I personally love Picasso-inspired acrylic nail ideas.

Figure Drawing 101

Along the same lines, acrylic nail ideas on larger styles like coffin or rectangle have enough space to even draw figures. Consider a nude base color with fine-tipped black designs to embrace the elegant.

Carry the Line

A seemingly simple design, carrying a single line across a complete set of nails in an interesting and engaging way is a sure-fire way to add dimension to your looks.

Matte Finish Mauve

Matte-finish nails create a soft, diffused look that compliments deep and dark colors especially well.

Art Teacher Vibes

Let the colors clash and get playful. Consider colors that don’t typically go together or big and bold designs.

Two-Tone French

Another twist on a classic, two-tone french creates a complimentary mood of colors.


Meet ROCK MY WORLD: A dark and muddled, olive green.🍸This rich green has dark, earthy undertones that are sophisticated and extremely sexy! LE Educator @BadAsh_Nails pairs #LERockMyWorld with #LEChemicalImbalance to create a contrasting french design that is the perfect for transitioning clients to Fall looks! 😍 Who’s ready to rock this new shade in style this Fall? 💎The All-New LE Rocks Fall 2023 Collection is available August 28th in ButterCream & Glitter Gels, with P+ Gel Polishes to launch soon! View now at lightelegance.com or contact your local LE Distributor (link in bio) #LERocks #LightElegance #LENails #LEHQ #LEPPlus #LEGlitterGel #LEButterCream #fallnails #gelnails #nailproducts #nailcolor #greennails #frenchnails #olivegreennails #NoHEMA #hemafreegelnails

♬ Primrose – Kupla

Naked Nails

Among the most elegant acrylic nail ideas is to keep them looking as natural as possible. Opting for soft peach colors and almond-shapes can help achieve this.

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