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Cheek Augmentation


Average Cost: $5,000

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Cheek implant nightmare

Anonymous Reader said

my doctor must have placed too large of implants into my face bc it has been months since my surgery and I still look like a chipmunk. they were also placed too high on my face which dindt help that sunken look I had before i had the surgery. I also wanted to lose some weight but realize now that if any weight is lost in my face they will become even more prominant. What a nightmare!

Cheek Volume Needed

Cost: $3,200 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin area

Laurie A. said

At 40, my upper cheeks starting going flat and I had slight jowling on either side of my chin. Since I didn’t feel I was ready for a facelift, I decided to try cheek implants; and I am thrilled with the results. They were put in through my mouth in a very quick procedure. There was not a lot of pain, although I did have a lot of swelling for several weeks. I used small implants to fill the areas where I had loss of fat, so they look very natural. I feel it was a great investment, and I look years younger now, too!

Consider how your face will age

Debra S. said

I had cheek implants and they were great for creating a naturally slimming face structure. the implants have infact , become more obvious as ive aged but  I love my results for the most part. I would recommend discussing how your face may change as you age with your doctor before settling on a size

cheek and under-eye injections

Katrina F. said

 I decided on cheek injections because I had a thin face . I also had a hollowing under my eyes got Restalyne to fill in my under eye. the Restylane did wonders for my hollows and cheeks. I feel that my money was well spent and would recommend both of these procedures!

limits facial expressons

Brit A. said

I had cheek implants a couple months ago i can hardly smile like i used to! i look so unnatural., I am extremely upset nd would not recommend this surgery. If you do decide to have this surgery, make sure that you and your surgeon choose the right implant and that you are clear on how it will change your face.


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