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Patrick J. Broome

Cosmetic Dentist
6849 Fairview Road, Suite 200, Charlotte, NC, 28210
We are laser-focused on results and pride ourselves on understanding the value of listening to our patients.


Ensuring his patients understand that cosmetic dentistry is much more than just teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, Dr. Patrick J. Broome and his team view these procedures as merely tools to obtain a desired result. “The reality is many patients actually have several options available when seeking to improve their smile and overall health,” says the cosmetic dentist. “Our treatment team has the experience to work in creative and often novel ways to restore, rebuild, and in some cases, totally recreate a smile. “We have the great privilege to join our patients on their personal journeys to help them find something they have lost or wish to improve.” Whether they’re helping patients reestablish the simple pleasure of smiling, restoring their ability to bite or helping them feel comfortable with their appearance for the first time, Dr. Broome and his team know they’ve helped change many lives for the better.


Medical University of South Carolina
, The Academy of General Dentistry
, International Congress of Oral Implantologists



Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, American Society for Dental Aesthetics, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, World Clinical Laser Center

A Minute With

  1. What is the first step in getting a great new smile?

    Oral health. Pretty,
    white teeth don’t look
    very nice surrounded
    by unhealthy gum
    tissue. Healthy and
    beautiful is our goal.

  2. How do you manage patient expectations?

    With listening, good
    communication and
    our vast library of
    photos that we use
    as a reference.

  3. What is the one thing your practice offers that is really unique?

    We listen to what our patients want
    instead of telling them what they
    need and our entire team is invested
    in their progress, as well as what’s
    happening in their lives

  4. Career-defining patient

    Honestly, every patient I see has an
    impact. We are constantly working
    to provide a better experience and
    optimal results so that when each
    patient provides feedback, we can
    further refine our approach. We
    enjoy helping them feel better
    about themselves and allowing
    them to stop thinking about their
    teeth and start living with a
    beautiful smile!

  5. How do you ease patient fears?

    Our office design
    provides the environment
    and our philosophy and
    methods show patients
    that the experience
    can be relaxing and

  6. My motto

    We focus on people,
    not procedures or
    teeth. Every person
    is unique; we meet
    you where you are
    and help you obtain
    what you want

  7. My most requested procedures

    Veneers and gum


  • Bonding
  • Dental Implants
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Conscious Sedation IV / Oral
  • Lumineers®
  • No-Prep Veneers
  • Full-Mouth Reconstruction
  • Smile Rejuvenation
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Laser Gum Sculpting
  • Tissue Augmentation / Grafting
  • Inlays / Onlays
  • Invisalign®
  • Laser Dentistry
  • TMJ Treatment
  • All-on-4® Teeth in a Day


  1. Why can't everyone get lumineers or no-prep veneers?
    What our experts say:

    We have to educate the patient and let them know that you have to be a candidate. Some patients are trying to fill spaces or their teeth are very flat or they have very small lips, they can't accommodate more contour so we have to explain to patients why they are or aren't a candidate.

  2. I'm a working woman and want straighter teeth. Is Invisalign something that will make me look childish?
    What our experts say:

    Absolutely not. Invisalign is an extremely useful tool and it is something that I've found that is helping a tremendous amount of adults get the smile they want in a conservative manner. When the trays are in you really can't tell. We have 99 percent of our patients say that people can't tell they have them in. They don't perceive a difference when they talk at all. It is probably the very best tool for the majority of adults to get straighter teeth. And the benefit is you can use whitening gel with your trays so you can get a brighter smile too.

  3. What results would a gum lift achieve?
    What our experts say:

    Quite often patients have teeth that they perceive as short, from the gumline to the edge of the teeth. Sometimes patients, when they smile, have an excessive gum display. There's a variety of techniques you can use to do what we call gum sculpting or tissue sculpting, to change the contour or raise the height of the tissue, giving the perception that the teeth are taller. In dentistry we have to maintain a certain height and width ratio of the teeth. We're always trying to find our ratios and find our balances that complement the patient's face.

  4. Who's a candidate for a smile makeover? What do I need to have wrong for one?
    What our experts say:

    Anyone is a candidate if there's something they would like to change. In my view a smile makeover can be all the small things. Very small issues with conservative solutions can yield a smile makeover. Anyone who is looking to improve their smile really is a candidate because there are so many techniques and so many options that we have today that are quite conservative that I just haven't seen patients come in and be told that they aren't a candidate for a smile makeover.

  5. Does the bleach that you use in teeth whitening eat away at the enamel?
    What our experts say:

    No, it doesn't.

  6. Is it possible to whiten just the few teeth in your mouth, the eye teeth, or are those teeth supposed to be naturally darker?
    What our experts say:

    Each person is going to be different and it also depends on the product that you use. In theory it is possible to whiten one tooth or several teeth. There are techniques that you can use to do that. The canines or the eye teeth are supposed to be slightly darker than the other teeth. Teeth tend to have a transition to the posterior where the front teeth are always a little bit lighter and then right when you get to the canines, or eye teeth, that's where the transition really starts. You can whiten just those teeth using a professionally-made home tray with whitening gel applied only those teeth.

  7. I chipped my tooth as a child and have a fake tooth in the front, it's discolored but the rest look OK. What's the best way to fix the one tooth and keep it natural looking?
    What our experts say:

    It's a challenge and often an opportunity to dramatically improve the patient's smile. The options range from composite bonding, a veneer or a ceramic crown depending on the exact situation. Matching any restoration to an adjacent natural tooth is one of the most difficult procedures in dentistry due to the complex colors (hue, chroma, and value) exhibited by natural teeth. We simply let our patients know the challenge that we face and make sure they know it may require several visits until we are all satisfied with the results.

  8. Composite veneers and porcelain veneers seem like they yield the same results, what are the differences?
    What our experts say:

    They can both give you really good results however composite veneers will require some artistry of the dentist to layer and characterize the color match or to create shape and contour of the teeth, whereas the porcelain veneers are made by a ceramist. Both of them are great options. However the composite restorations will stain over time, they will absorb some of the astringent stain in the mouth from coffee or tea or various beverages. The strength of that material, since it's a plastic base material, is not as strong as porcelain. So I would say a longevity expectations, the color stability and the strength make the composite a little less of a product than the porcelain.

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