Which Type of Breast Shape Is Yours?

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If you have breasts, online retailer ThirdLove’s breast shape dictionary is oddly fascinating to look at. The illustrated guide is designed to help shoppers find the best fitting bra, which may seem like an impossible task. At first glance it appears to be a simple roundup of the seven most common types of breast shapes, but once you spend more than a minute analyzing the accompanying images it opens the door for so many questions. Which one is my shape? Does shape matter just as much as size? Will it really help me find a better bra? What if my breasts fall somewhere between two different shapes?

We talked to a few of our experts in the breast department and they agree, while a chart like this is good to help identify a general shape, no two boobs are created equal. “Breasts do in fact come in all shapes and sizes! In fact, not only are there differences in breast shape among women, but most women have differences in shape and size between their two breasts to some degree. I like to say that a set of breasts are sisters, not twins,” says New York plastic surgeon B. Aviva Preminger, MD.

Vero Beach, FL, plastic surgeon Alan Durkin, MD, adds, “Women should recognize that their individual breasts will always have subtle differences as compared to a certain type and they shouldn’t get frustrated if their breast shape does not fit the mold of a flow chart. There are going to be differences between each breast. In other words, everyone has a good boob and a bad boob.” Even if your breasts don’t perfectly any of the seven breast shapes below, ThirdLove’s dictionary is still fun to look at and might help you find the ever-elusive perfect bra you’ve always dreamed of. 

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Breast Shape: Round

Equally full at the top and the bottom. 

Bra Fitting Tip

For round breasts, ThirdLove recommends a thin bra without underwire. This eliminates the need to change the position of your breasts to achieve the right fit.

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Breast Shape: East West

Nipples pointing outward. 

Bra Fitting Tip 

A T-shirt bra will help pull east west shaped breasts in, giving them a smoother silhouette and a streamlined shape.

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Breast Shape: Side Set

Wide space between the breasts. 

Bra Fitting Tip

Side set breasts can benefit from a plunge bra to help add lift. Extra padding can also help to enhance the silhouette.

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Breast Shape: Asymmetric

One breast is larger than the other. 

Bra Fitting Tip

Bras with removable padding work best for this shape. This allows you to add to the smaller side or remove padding from the larger breast. 

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Breast Shape: Bell Shape

Slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom. 

Bra Fitting Tip

Avoid bras like the balconette style that offer less coverage, women with bell shaped breasts usually have a fuller bust and need a full coverage bra with more support and material.

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Breast Shape: Slender

Thin breasts with nipples pointing downward. 

Bra Fitting Tip

Just like the side set shape, extra padding will give slender shaped breasts a larger silhouette and a plunge bra will help add lift.

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Breast Shape: Tear Drop

Round but slightly less full at the top. 

Bra Fitting Tip

The tear drop shape will work well with most bra styles, from strapless to push-up. 

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