Why Everyone Is Talking About the “Alkaline Glow”—And How to Get It

Why Everyone Is Talking About the “Alkaline Glow”—And How to Get It featured image
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Chances are, you’ve been told that glowing skin starts from the inside out. The idea that “healthy skin is happy skin” is a cliché for a reason. Ask anyone with an enviable glow and blemish-free skin and they’ll tell you: Diet and health matter just as much as topical treatments and beauty products. For that extra skin boost, more and more busy beauty lovers are turning to supplements. Nutrient-rich powders, such as WelleCo Super Elixir Greens, can help give your skin (and your health) an extra glow, all with the convenience of a multivitamin.

What is an “alkaline body”?

We already know alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH levels. But an alkaline body is a healthy, attainable goal for everyone who understands the role nutrition plays in skin health.

Today’s diet, which includes increasingly acidic foods like sugar, alcohol, red meat, dairy products, and coffee, can cause a pH imbalance in the body. An acidic body may feel fatigued, inflamed, or achy. People with acidic diets trend to crave sugar more and even feel a mental fogginess. One way to combat this is by concentrating on your alkaline levels. An alkaline diet consists of alkaline-producing foods like fish, greens, nuts, seeds, coconut oil and vegetables. These nutritious foods help minimize acid build-up and swing the body into an alkaline state. An alkaline body is leaner and healthier — with radiant skin as an extra bonus.

How does alkaline help skin?

One telltale sign of an alkaline body is an alkaline glow. “Because digestive health shows up on our skin, nourishing your skin from the inside out is integral to a beautiful complexion,” says nutritional therapist, Dr. Simone Laubscher. An alkaline-based diet doesn’t just help balance the acidity in your blood — those benefits transcend to balance the acidity in your skin as well. When that balance is achieved, your skin holds moisture and your cells function properly, giving you the youthful-looking skin and radiant glow of someone who’s healthy from the inside out.

How can you try this at home?

For healthy-looking, radiant skin, start by ramping up your intake of super greens like barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa, spinach and spirulina. In addition to the foods you eat on a daily basis, add a beauty supplement into your diet to make alkaline-rich foods convenient for you and constant in your body. WelleCo Super Elixir Greens is an ingestible beauty supplement made from absorbable nutrients. Think of it as a daily multivitamin, in nutrient-rich powder form, that you ingest along with your morning smoothie. It contains 45 plant-based, gluten-free ingredients designed to nourish the body’s 11 systems at the cellular level. Among its superstar nutritionist- and dermatologist- approved ingredients are Vitamin C-rich pomegranate to increase skin tone and radiance, silica-rich horsetail to help fortify hair, nails and skin, and grape seed extract to fight free radicals and reduce the visible signs of aging. It also contains pre and probiotics to assist in supporting the digestive system. WelleCo Super Elixir Greens was designed to slow signs of skin fatigue, build collagen, and restore a youthful radiance. Simply add two teaspoons of powder into your filtered or coconut water-based smoothie, and wait for your body (and your skin) to thank you.


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