These Are the 5 Easiest Tips to Follow to Break Your Weight-Loss Plateau

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With the start of a new year comes the resolution to lose weight. But, not everyone who watches what they eat and works out regularly can continue to consistently drop the pounds. Chances are, at some point, your best efforts can become null and void and your weight loss plateaus.

Even though it’s common to stop seeing results, there are plenty of easy-to-instill practices to jumpstart weight loss. Registered dietician and nutritionist Ginger Hultin shared her five favorite tips to break through the weight-loss wall.

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Skip the avocado.

As much as we are told that healthy fats are good for us and to load up on avocado, Hultin says heart-healthy fats like avocado and olive oil can sabotage your diet if portions aren’t in check. “Research shows that some people are more likely to gain weight if dietary fat intake (even healthy fat) is high.” Limit your servings and make sure you don’t overdo it by eating guacamole at one meal, avocado at another and cooking with olive oil all in the same day.

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A Paleo diet may not be right for you.

Paleo is not for everyone. For some people, genetically, higher-fat options will block weight-loss progress,” says Hultin. “Some people are surprised to learn that even though they’ve been following a low-carb, Paleo or Ketogenic diet, their genes show they’re more likely to gain weight from fat in their diet.”

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Track your progress with selfies.

BBG founder Kayla Itsines may have instituted the idea of capturing weight-loss goals with the notion of taking before-and-after pictures to keep a record of the progress, but women (and men) everywhere have begun doing it themselves. While visual images can help, Hultin says to also consider a program that gives you some insight into your genetics combined with weight-related lab markers and behavioral coaching like the Arivale program. “With Arivale, you’ll unlock hundreds of genetic and clinical insights, and then work with a personal registered dietitian and nutritionist to translate your knowledge into action.”

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Not all low-fat foods are bad for you.

We’ve been conditioned to think that any type of food marketed as being low-fat or non-fat is actually not and carries just as much fat and calories as their full-fat counterparts. However, that’s not always the case. “Contrary to current nutrition trends in the media, some people are better off selecting low-fat or non-fat options, which helps control how many calories you’re consuming,” says Hultin. “High saturated fat sources like beef and pork are a problem for some people with genes that equal weight gain with a high saturated fat diet.”

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Don’t neglect high-intensity workouts.

Just as important as weight lifting and toning exercises are for keeping your body lean, so are exercises that ramp up your heart rate and burn fat. Depending on your genetic makeup, just practicing yoga or toning exercises may not be enough to cut it. “Switching up your activities and running, swimming or biking may help tip the scale in the right direction,” says Hultin.

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