The Proven Supplement That Gave Me Longer, Thicker, Glossier Hair After Just a Couple Months of Use

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The Proven Supplement That Gave Me Longer, Thicker, Glossier Hair After Just a Couple Months of Use featured image

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
Viviscal Extra Strength ($50) supplement helps hair grow twice as fast, thicker and shinier when taken regularly over the course of just a couple months, even if it’s damaged through heat and chemicals.

If You Want to Know More:
Some of us are blessed with hair that, you know, grows. And some of us have hair that likes to obtain a certain length and then progress from there at the speed of death. I’m of the latter category. My hair loves to grow to be this super-dowdy length and then stop utterly. Though my nails grow like weeds, my hair, likely due to my bleaching and heat-styling it too regularly, grows super slowly. As in, I’m only just now finished growing out a bad haircut from almost three years ago. But taking Viviscal Extra Strength daily doubles my hair’s growth rate. There’s a reason it’s beloved by models and hairstylists alike.

The pills contain an exclusive blend called AminoMar marine complex, in addition to a blend of nutrients including biotin, zinc, vitamin C and apple extract. This blend of essential nutrients promotes a few key activities in the body: it metabolizes carbohydrates, fats and amino acids, and increases iron in the blood, which are both essential to promoting hair growth. After taking the recommended daily dosage of two Viviscal pills, I saw results after just a few weeks.

After a few years of using Viviscal, however, I’ve found another formula that also works. My own personal supplement cocktail, is that I like to pair one Viviscal pill with one biotin supplement (7,500 mcg) and one folic acid (400 mcg) supplement. This pill combination was “prescribed” to me by a top celebrity hairstylist, and the reason it works so well is that folic acid influences biotin metabolism, according to a study conducted by the University di Bologna.

My hair looks far more ample around my hairline and throughout. My ponytail feels noticeably thicker. I’ve also noticed that I lose fewer strands in the shower and when I’m brushing my hair at night, Marcia Brady-style. I find I don’t need to use my usual thickening spray or mousse when blow-drying and styling my hair, either. Just a little styling cream or oil and I’m good to go.

Viviscal does, however, make my roots a bit oilier, more so when I take the full dosage of two pills. It also makes my hair grow faster everywhere. In the case of my more robust eyebrows, this was welcome news. Just keep in mind that you may have to shave your legs and underarms a bit more frequently if you’re a regular Viviscal user. If you take half the Viviscal dosage with the aforementioned biotin and folic acid, these side effects are hardly noticeable, and in my opinion, that’s a small price to pay for a longer, thicker, glossier mane.

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