Salma Hayek Behind The Scenes At Her NewBeauty Magazine Cover Shoot

Salma Hayek may have made her name in Hollywood as the sizzling Latina starlet, but today, the 47-year-old mother is now known for being a maven--a beauty maven that is. Watch this behind-the-scenes video of Hayek's NewBeauty Magazine cover shoot and learn the anti-aging skin care secrets that have kept the star gorgeous and glowing.

  • Hector
    Posted on

    I love Salma I love Salma I love Salma And so till the end of the world Love her

  • Jill
    Posted on

    I would love to know the eyes, lips, and cheeks! It looks gorgeous!

  • Chris
    Posted on

    What blue eyeliner is salma wearing on the cover of newbeauty?

  • Michelle
    Posted on

    I would also like to know the colors which were used on her eyes in the cover picture. Thank you.

  • Diana
    Posted on

    I would like to know which color pink was used on her lips on the cover picture. I've tried to find it in the magazine but didn't see it. Thanks