How to Use Chi ARC Curling Iron

Are you ready to meet your favorite new styling tool? For all the lazy women of the world, Chi has created a curling iron that does all the work for you. The Chi ARC or Automatic Rotating Curler ($150) literally does everything. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use it and how to get gorgeous curls with just a push of a button. We promise you'll be impressed!

  • Margaret
    Posted on

    what a great idea,

  • Carri
    Posted on

    received this to test and write about. when I first took the curler out of the box I was super intiminated at first. then after playing around with the different settings here is what I love: 1. heats up faster than any curler I've ever used 2. curls faster than any curler I have ever used 3. I curled my whole head of hair faster than I ever have and I have long hair 4. I noticed that without even adding hair spray the curls seemed to have lasted longer than a normal curler which gave my hair that curled bed head natural wavey look. This product is seriously fantastic. I gave away my other curler that I spent $100 on and my Conair curler which was $140 is now my ten year olds. This product does everything and I am so happy with it. I also have the red bottle of hair spray that is fabulous. My daughter is in performance dance and she has LONG hair...the CHI hairspray is amazing. I know this may be a hefty price but the quality is good and sturdy and not made cheaply. Hope this helps.

  • Faith
    Posted on

    My hairdresser used this on me today and it's amazing!!!!!

  • Tina
    Posted on

    I was at Sallys today and asked for the Spinning brush/iron but they didnt have it. What they did have was a spinning curling iron, one inch barrel...Am thinking of trying that one... $150 is a little too much right now for me. hmmmm....hope it works as well as this one apprently seems to...

  • Lindsay
    Posted on

    I went out and bought this the day after I saw this video! It is a life changer! I never used to do my hair because it took too long and I wasn't very good at it but now I curl my hair every morning! If you are terrible at doing your own hair -- this will be your new best friend!

  • Gail
    Posted on

    This is so cool! looks easy and what great curls. i am ordering now!

  • Stacey
    Posted on

    Wow! This is the first time I've seen a demo of a curling iron that I actually think is helpful - I'm excited to try this one.