How to Use NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device

We're all looking for a way to stop the signs of aging—whether with skin-care products, trips to see the dermatologist, plastic surgeons or even a combination of all three. But there's also a way to make your skin look visibly younger at home, that's why we sat down with NuFACE COO Tera Valdez to find out how to use NuFACE Trinity Wrinkle Remover and learn about their line of skin-care products. Watch the video to learn more. Also, watch how NuFACE uses microcurrents to instantly tighten your skin too.

  • Sharon
    Posted on

    I am a big skeptic and this works...

  • Andrea
    Posted on

    I am a huge skeptic regarding beauty products, but I have found that this product actually works for me. I have started to develop facial sagging, especially around my mouth, and I appreciate a noticeable lift after using the Trinity. No, it's not a face lift, but it definitely makes me less saggy and more youthful instantly. It is recommended to use fairly frequently, which I don't have the time to give (5x/wk), but with 3x weekly I am happy with the results thus far.

  • sahrah
    Posted on

    I had the nu face older model... didnt work...