How to Remove Your Makeup in One Minute or Less

Whether it takes you five minutes or an hour to apply your makeup, the process of actually removing it should be fast and effective. But if you feel like cleansing your face every night is a chore, then definitely watch this video. In it, we show you how to remove your makeup and clean your skin in one minute or less without using water. Bonus, you won't get any skin irritation using the product we suggest from the current NewBeauty TestTube. Take a look and let us know what you think!

  • Jennifer Hunter
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    Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are my favorite. They are gentle on your face, remove all make up, including waterproof mascara. The wipes contain a perfect blend of the purest ingredients with added vitamins. They have no dyes, no artificial perfumes, and no harsh irritants. Safe for all skin types. I highly recommend using them before you cleanse your skin in the evening. Using both a cleansing wipe to remove your make up then a proper cleanser for your skin type and condition completes a proper cleansing routine. Jennifer Hunter Aesthetician, Skin Care Specialist

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    Removing your make-up every night is one of the most important things you can do for your skin - I can't imagine who would go to bed with the fall full of make-up - There are so very many options in the market today - From cream cleanser, to cleanser that you can tissue off to wipes. This is a process that should not take long and also one should not be going to bed without applying their nighttime routine - At night is when your skin is at rest and also when the repair takes place - Take the extra time to take care of yourself. You will be glad you did!