Stop Shine and Large Pores With This Face Defender

We've been using translucent powder to set our makeup and stop shine for decades, but it turns out, it might be the wrong product to use. That's because the white powder can be drying and make our skin look older. So to save the day, and our faces, we spoke with celebrity makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty Mally Roncal, to find out about her product Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender ($40) and why it's a must-have makeup product. Watch the video to find out why it's time to put down the translucent powder to get gorgeous, glowing matte-looking skin.

  • Janice
    Posted on

    I have this and USE it! It is not only good at taking down the shine, I have used it for a primer with very good results. It is well worth the cost as a very little goes a long way. You pat the sponge in the product, then pat your face. No wiping, swiping and use of too much product.

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    Sounds like great stuff! I am definitely going to be getting some!

  • dodger
    Posted on

    Mally products are really good and cost effective. I like everyone that I have tried. She has lots of videos to help out if you have a question or if you are wondering about a new product. Plus, her trial offers are great.

  • Britt
    Posted on

    LOVE MALLY! She's hilarious and super fun and her products are AMAZING.

  • Tonja
    Posted on

    I have used Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender since it came out and I love it. I also use her Perfect Prep Primer and both are great products. I love all things Mally. Her make up is top notch and last all day. You can get really great deals at QVC.

  • Melissa Calderon
    Posted on

    I want this and need it ASAP!!!!!

  • TINA
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    Well, I'm loving Mally also, I think shes the one to follow and she has such an infectious personality. I would say her entire product line is truely the BEST of the BEST, although I've only purchased about 10 of them. I watch her every time she's on QVC. But I know I'm not the only Mallyista that loves to see her on TV, videos, and just everything Mally

  • stacy
    Posted on

    I love this video. I am obsessed with Mally. I cannot believe I didn't discover her until 2012! it's like I was living under a rock - thanks TestTube for getting me addicted on her mascara and now, all things Mally - luv luv luv looking fierce!