Celebrity Dermatologist Shares Her Treatment Technique

Before considering a cosmetic treatment, Santa Monica dermatologist, Ava Shamban, MD, says she tells her clients to pick their "signature feature" or the physical quality that they think best represents them. Watch the video to see why she says it's an important detail in her practice and one that patients shouldn't overlook. Then find out how she uses it to help her patients look their absolute best when they visit her at one of her California offices.

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    During consultations the first thing to address is what is it that we are trying to address, and the second most important thing is giving the patient options and discussing the pro and cons of each of them. There are many different ways of addressing skin conditions and some will work better for the patient. The earlier you start the better off you will be and the less painful and expensive will the treatments be. The same approach of finding your better feature also applies for make-up application - What we try to achieve is natural beauty, by finding your better features and making them more noticeable. Not to change you into something you are not. Inner beauty is also very important!